Wednesday, October 10, 2012


sung by the muse
come find us at NEW YORK COMIC CON this weekend 10/11 - 10/14

reminder - i'll be debuting this alternate version of my Storm print at New York Comic Con this weekend! i changed the BG to a more reddish sky because the original bluish version kinda washed her out more than i liked when i put her in the white outfit. i ran out of the first run of the Storm print after Baltimore Con and i hope New York will show it the same love.

also, fun news! i just got more copies of my ART MIGNON mini book for the con this weekend! i sold out after Otakon but just got more in time for NY! i'm only selling them for $15 each so if ur interested, i got one for ya. it has some pieces in there that hasn't been included in the other 2 books i've put out. this will be my last run of this particular book though. i'll have a new book for next year and it is tentatively scheduled to be another big Hot Cakes book.

i can't tell u just how SHOCKED i am that NYCC is flippin tomorrow!!! i'll tell u who ain't ready - ME! i feel like i haven't had a chance to breath. we just got back from the WV Pop Con this weekend and now we're headed back out to one of our largest cons this year. i'm super excited about it and can't wait to be there. but i haven't even left yet and i'm already looking forward to being back home. now that's madness.

whenever i do get home, i will do a nice long post about the cons that we've just had back to back to back. as of right now, i still gotta pack, i gotta refill my copics, and i gotta get some sleep or this weekend will be unpleasant for all those involved. =P i hope to see lots of faces there, new and familiar.

by the way, for all u FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES fans, i heard that Jerry "theFranchize" Gaylord - lead artist on the series - is doing a promo at NYCC this year. if u come by our table at the show and tell him "WRECKING CREW 4 LYFE!", he'll sketch u as a zombie - for free!!! but please, just one per person. can't overdo it and break his drawlin hand. =P and while ur there gettin drawn, check out our other stuff.

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