Friday, October 29, 2010

separate ways journey
so i'm starting to notice that i haven't been posting what's currently on my art table so much as i am posting backlogged art. =/ i don't think i approve. it's just that usually i'd like to keep it a surprise to folks that get a commission from me what the piece looks like so far. that way, when they get the final piece in the mail, they don't already know what to expect. cuz personally, i like being pleasantly surprised by a package in the mail. still, i think i'd like to fix that. hence, i am posting a cropped picture of this piece i'm currently working on. it's of Juri from the most recent Street Fighter installment, but with a goth look per the client's request. i am in the process of coloring her right now but i didn't wanna give too much away.

this piece i finished earlier this week. it's for a client who won my ebay auction and it's of an X-Men character named Magik. i believe she is Collosus's little sister but something about her mutant powers manifests in a demon-like form. but please don't quote me on that or be angry if i get it wrong. i don't know ALL X-Men characters and it's just what i gathered as i briefly skimmed over her bio on at any rate, she's got goat legs and demon horns. i'm still working on this upwards perspective shot so that i can get better at it someday.

a white demon love song the killers
this was up on this past wednesday and i forgot to post it like a boob. T_T so if u try to go on there, it's probably like 5-8 pages deep or something. but here is this month's cover of's Supergirl radio show, episode 42.

in other news, i just got my hat for this Saturday's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. i'm excited about going because of several reasons. a big one is that i've never rallied before in my life but this seemed like a reasonable one to go to. another is that i do believe in what the rally stands for PLUS its in my hometown PLUS i don't really have any plans other than this for this weekend anyway. =P i chose the hat for the March to Keep Fear Alive part for the simple fact that i like Stephen Colbert better. =) i hope it'll be a fairly chilled rally considering the basis for it. but in typical rally spirit, there will be protesters from extreme partisans. if for no other reason, i think they're going simply because they can't stand to be left out of any rallying. all i know is, if someone tries to stomp on my head out there, i will not hesitate to throw a hadouken!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

heads will roll yeah yeah yeahs
so tonight i decided to join my former co-workers at the dog kennel i used to work at to carve pumpkins. last year i carved a pumpkin for the first time with them after work and i was realizing i probably wouldn't do it again by myself at home. plus its really messy so i didn't wanna get in trouble with the folks that own this house. =P
now, i realize i have the pumpkin carving skill of a 5-yr-old but does that stop me? NO SIR/MA'AM! last year i carved a frankenstein head and someone thought it was spongebob. =( but since i had a year's experience under my belt, i decided to take the difficulty to the next level. or, in this case, LEGENDARY! and, as i did last year, i accidentally cut a chunk out of my masterpiece. FAIL. i tried to affix it back onto the shape with a toothpick but it seems in all the chunky mess, i happen to pick up and affix what appears to be the incorrect shape. so oh well, it works anyway. and if U didn't notice anything out of place, then we'll just leave it at "yes i did that on purpose."
in case u don't know, i used an image from my current fav game - Halo:Reach. this is the symbol for the "Legendary" difficulty which, in retro video game talk, would be the "Hard" setting. except Legendary difficulty will kick Hard difficulty's arse. =P if u didn't see it until now after reading this, it's ok. like i said, i suck at pumpkin carving. it's still fun though. i hope that when i finally have a kid, i'd do this with them each year. plus the dogs love to eat it AND it helps prevent them from having diarrhea. that's practically a double rainbow, all the way!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pretty girls wale

i realized i never posted my Hack/Slash cards. but since i think they only recently released it, i guess i'm not tooooo late on it. so here they all are in all their glory.
i really enjoyed working on this set for some reason. i don't know much about the series but what i do know is that she's sexy and there's lots of blood all the time. so i guess that was why i enjoyed it so much. =) these were all done with ink and copic markers with a pink ultra-fine sharpie that i used on the pink fishnets.
as for what's on my art table right now, it's a commission that i finished up for an ebay auction that i put up 2 weeks ago. i'll post it as soon as the client has seen it. i've got another commission down the pipeline as well as a personal commission for a friend. i'm always scared of doing stuff for close friends cuz there's always the pressure that u have to make it the illest thing u've ever done or suffer eternal ridicule by people u love. =P i hope it turns out good though since it's of her daughter and she's cute as a flippin button, makin it look good is practically taken care of for me. ^__^

Monday, October 25, 2010

what you got justin timberlake
so i tend to be a wee bit late for practically everything. (i wasn't late for my own wedding though!) and in my usual Peng fashion, i'm late on making my blog pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. i've been meaning to turn it pink for the past 2 weeks but i just got incredibly busy before and after our one-week trip to California. still, i'm a huge believer in being better late than never so i've turned it pink anyway even with only 1 week left in the month. =/

however i am not late in posting a wallpaper image that my hubby theFranchize & i collaborated on for in case u didn't know, is the online radio show that he and i draw monthly covers for their Superman and Supergirl radio shows respectively. we couldn't pass up the chance to draw a wallpaper for Halloween for them since they asked. any reason to draw Supers is A-OK with us. =) it's on our desktop now so go ahead and slap it onto urs as well! (not much i can do about the web address at the bottom of it. that's something they added.) if u'd like to download other sizes of this or wallpapers done by other people, you can head on over to their site - - and click on LET ME SEE SOME SUPERMAN ART! in the pink box in the middle.

after a couple of different ideas, this is the one we went with. he drew the image and i did all the colors. hope ya'll like! =)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

senorita justin timberlake
as i sit here at midnight with a bottle of corona getting warmer by the second, i try to find the strength to work but instead i decided to update this. =) it's work, but fun-ner! this weekend's been pretty nutty for me with parties and things. but alas, it had to end sometime and work is like a wedgie - u can only ignore it for so long before u gotta get up in there and do something about it. =P

so this is my second attempt at drawing a pin-up for a couple of fellow indie publishers for their book, the Uniques. the characters are Motherboard & her boyfriend Ray. not sure where they'll put it or when so when i know, u'll know. =) the first one i did (see September 25th entry) was just a little far from the characters' original designs. basically, they weren't chunky enough. as a bigger girl, i was just trying to make a statement that big can be hot. but oh well. the original one will probably make it in my artbook next year. woohoo!
huge influence for this pin-up style was Loish. she's an incredible artist and blends a manga-ish/disney-ish style with her own style to make what can only be described as "buttery goodness." i decided to stop with the hottie concept and just go with cute. at any rate, if ur wondering how i made that background, well i'll tell ya ---- it was completely by accident. very random and i can't even remember which spatter brushes i used but i'm glad it came out the way it did. it gave me the desired "worn" look when i messed with layer opacities so i guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it. =P

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

glory of love peter cetera

yep, just another work day with me and my 80s music. but i have my new spiced pumpkin candle from Yankee Candle lit and enjoying the cooler temperature in the house cuz autumn is finally here!! so please excuse the cheesy karate kid song. =P
i meant to post this last week when it was unveiled. =D this is my first cover for's Supergirl:Lost Daughter of Krypton radio show. this is for their episode #41. my hubby, theFranchize, does the Superman covers so it's kinda neat that we're working on these together - sorta. we'll be making a superman/supergirl halloween desktop to post on that website too so keep an eye out for that! but these covers show up the last wednesday of each month on which is when that month's radio show airs. the first image is the full piece and i had to crop it for the actual cover (logos and stuff were placed by Pendant Audio).
so even though she's just standing there, i actually went through 2 other versions just to get to this one. i think it was one of those things where u psych urself out cuz u wanna make a good first impression then after many failed attempts, u realize it's gotta get done. so instead of trying to make it reflect the story that it was for, i figured i'd make it like an introduction to my version of supergirl. so there u have it. next month's will be a little more about what's going on in the story itself. i'll be doing these covers on a monthly basis so if anything else, i'll at least have new Supergirl artwork each month. =)

btw, i'm gooood and 30 now so there's no point in crying anymore. i feel better though. the hubby took me to see Cirque du Soleil for my berfday and it was such a neat experience that i feel i may not have appreciated as much in my 20s. so there u have it. 30s, here we go!