Friday, October 29, 2010

a white demon love song the killers
this was up on this past wednesday and i forgot to post it like a boob. T_T so if u try to go on there, it's probably like 5-8 pages deep or something. but here is this month's cover of's Supergirl radio show, episode 42.

in other news, i just got my hat for this Saturday's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. i'm excited about going because of several reasons. a big one is that i've never rallied before in my life but this seemed like a reasonable one to go to. another is that i do believe in what the rally stands for PLUS its in my hometown PLUS i don't really have any plans other than this for this weekend anyway. =P i chose the hat for the March to Keep Fear Alive part for the simple fact that i like Stephen Colbert better. =) i hope it'll be a fairly chilled rally considering the basis for it. but in typical rally spirit, there will be protesters from extreme partisans. if for no other reason, i think they're going simply because they can't stand to be left out of any rallying. all i know is, if someone tries to stomp on my head out there, i will not hesitate to throw a hadouken!

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