Monday, October 25, 2010

what you got justin timberlake
so i tend to be a wee bit late for practically everything. (i wasn't late for my own wedding though!) and in my usual Peng fashion, i'm late on making my blog pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. i've been meaning to turn it pink for the past 2 weeks but i just got incredibly busy before and after our one-week trip to California. still, i'm a huge believer in being better late than never so i've turned it pink anyway even with only 1 week left in the month. =/

however i am not late in posting a wallpaper image that my hubby theFranchize & i collaborated on for in case u didn't know, is the online radio show that he and i draw monthly covers for their Superman and Supergirl radio shows respectively. we couldn't pass up the chance to draw a wallpaper for Halloween for them since they asked. any reason to draw Supers is A-OK with us. =) it's on our desktop now so go ahead and slap it onto urs as well! (not much i can do about the web address at the bottom of it. that's something they added.) if u'd like to download other sizes of this or wallpapers done by other people, you can head on over to their site - - and click on LET ME SEE SOME SUPERMAN ART! in the pink box in the middle.

after a couple of different ideas, this is the one we went with. he drew the image and i did all the colors. hope ya'll like! =)

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