Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pretty girls

...by wale

i realized i never posted my Hack/Slash cards. but since i think they only recently released it, i guess i'm not tooooo late on it. so here they all are in all their glory.
i really enjoyed working on this set for some reason. i don't know much about the series but what i do know is that she's sexy and there's lots of blood all the time. so i guess that was why i enjoyed it so much. =) these were all done with ink and copic markers with a pink ultra-fine sharpie that i used on the pink fishnets.
as for what's on my art table right now, it's a commission that i finished up for an ebay auction that i put up 2 weeks ago. i'll post it as soon as the client has seen it. i've got another commission down the pipeline as well as a personal commission for a friend. i'm always scared of doing stuff for close friends cuz there's always the pressure that u have to make it the illest thing u've ever done or suffer eternal ridicule by people u love. =P i hope it turns out good though since it's of her daughter and she's cute as a flippin button, makin it look good is practically taken care of for me. ^__^

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