Monday, April 24, 2017

wondercon commissions

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i'm finally able to update this with some pics of commissions from WonderCon. i had a wonderful time and just wanted to thank everyone for the very kind reception to the show. like i mentioned before, i sold out of my premium prints. ya'll sure know how to make a gal feel welcomed!

these are just a sample of my favorite commissions from the convention. to see all of my photos from the show, just head on over to my Peng-Peng Art Facebook Page or visit this link to go directly to the album ⇒ WonderCon 2017 Album
the first one is Betty of Betty and Veronica. this one was a pre-con sketch that was picked up at the show. so i was able to use just a little watercolor in the background.
the sceond is my favorite thing to draw - Ariel! i actually brought some watercolors for the first time ever to a con but i was afraid to do a full watercolor piece at the show (cuz i'm a spiller, no doubt) so she's colored with mainly my Copic markers but the background was all watercolors. i think i'm gonna leave my watercolors at home. it just gets too busy and messy when i try that at a convention. just not enough time to devote to it, unless i wanna just ignore everyone that stops by the table. which is a no-no in my book. 

i've just gotten back from a local comic con/event and i was able to bring more premium prints there. had to order them in short notice, which i try not to do to our awesome print shop. but if they weren't so great with their print quality, i wouldn't run out so fast. =P then this saturday, i'm headed to another local event which specifically celebrates the Starz show SPARTACUS. if u haven't seen it before, it's all on Netflix now if u wanna binge it. but be extra-warned, it's 100% for adults! i love my cute stuff, i love my Disney, but i'm an adult and i also enjoy my adult-themed entertainment. Spartacus was one of those shows that i just thoroughly enjoyed from the action to the violence/gore to the "adult content" parts. so this event coming up is the first time i'm attending one of these. it'll see how it goes. either way, i'm excited to meet some new folks!

Monday, April 10, 2017

new moana

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here's the newest addition to my large premium felt prints - MOANA! of course! i've been wanting to do a moana tribute since i saw the movie but i had to soak it in. i worked on the background a little longer than i expected, and i still wanna work on it more. but everytime that happens, it ends up getting overworked and it shows. so i had to call it a day.

i just came back from doing WonderCon in Anaheim, CA for the first time. that was the first show i brought her to and by Sunday morning, she was completely sold out, including the display! so i think i'll call that a success. =) the show cleaned me out of my premium prints so i am getting a fresh batch in this week to bring with me to the smaller local shows happening at the end of the month as well as adding them to my Etsy.

here's the prelim sketch with some very loose color treatment. i showed progress shots on my Patreon so if you'd like to see those, head on over to, check out my reward tiers, and consider a pledge!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

puppy day

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so it's apparently National Puppy Day! who comes up with this stuff?? luckily, i just happen to LOVE dogs! i'm certainly one of those that wouldn't get into an argument over whether cats or dogs are better - cuz i know the correct answer. HAHA!

anyways, i figured today is a good day to post all the little dog illustrations that i drew for the past pet expo. these are all printed on 9x12 paper so i may bring them to conventions with me. not sure how much folks will like it enough to buy it but i guess we'll see.

u won't regret it. unless it's a puppy that has fleas. i regret flea bites every single time.
(doesn't happen often, but when it does it's friggin infuriating.)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

b and b

[listening to "take a chance on me" by abba]

only now as i type this does it dawn on me that listening to "take a chance on me" by abba is quite appropriate for the subject of this post. haha!

since the movie comes out tomorrow, i thought it'd be cool to post this character lineup of some Beauty and the Beast characters. i did this a couple of months ago. it's for a project for this company that didn't pan out. i'm very disappointed of course, if u know my love of disney. at the same time, however, there are just lots of disappointments that come with great opportunities, not just in the business of comics but in every part of life. just gotta pick urself up and keep going forward. so since this will never see the light of day, this is as close as it gets.

i did have fun with it tho. i got to draw (and color) Belle and some of her friends the way i'd like to draw them but still grounded in that classic Disney look. would i have loved to work on it forreals, absolutely. but am i angry? nah. if anything, at least it's given me some fun pieces of artwork. =)

Friday, March 3, 2017

dogs dogs

[listening to "thriller" by michael jackson]

been working on a small series of dog illustrations for a pet expo that i attend every year with my IDSTUDIOS crew. it's not the usual convention scene for us. we do it because Jerry and Flash draw pet caricatures (and they're pretty damn good at it too) but just this year it dawned on us that we should have some pet illustrations as prints to sell at our booth to help bring the revenue up a bit. which seemed like a DUH moment. so of course this year we'll only have a handful but next year it should be double the number.

i've got a couple of ideas floating around in my head but these are the ones i've completed so far. i have a week left to finish them up so i should be posting more.

my Patreon supporters get both of these illustrations as high-res downloads. if you're interested, click the big ORANGE BUTTON that says BECOME A PATRON on the top right-hand side and JOIN US!

Friday, February 24, 2017

sketchcover commission sale

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blank sketch covers available

as i was tidying up last night, i found this batch of blank sketchcovers with no homes to go to. sooo i've decided to do a COMMISSION SALE!
normally, i only do sketchcovers at comic cons and my color commissions start at $150 for full body. but it wouldn't be a sale if it wasn't a significant amount off so $50 off! here are the details:
  1. choose from the covers i have pictured above (3 SPIDER-GWEN #1, 2 STAR WARS #1, & 1 DARTH VADER #1)
  2. choose which character you'd like to have drawn (it doesn't have to be from the same universe as that of the cover - if U don't mind, i don't mind.)
  3. it's $100 per cover, full-color single character only, plus $7 to ship anywhere in the U.S. (additional characters and international shipping is doable, but will be an extra charge)
  4. send me an email to PENELOPE @ IDENTITYCOMICS . COM and let me know what you're looking for or if you have any other questions.
  5. get your commission in 2-3 weeks in the mail! if you want to save on shipping, you can pick it up from me at a comic con that i'll be attending (commission must be prepaid though)
  6. sale is only available on these sketchcovers until i run out of em.
here are some samples of commissions i've done recently. i mostly use copic markers and colored pencils, but sometimes i'll take some watercolor for some background splashes. hit me up if you're interested!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine 2017

[listening to "sometimes" by ariana grande]
Valentine 2017

thought i'd pause what i'm working on for a quick Valentine's Day doodle. ok, so i missed the day a little, but it's whatevs.
since i've been a part of the Girls Drawin Girls group, i've drawn this sassy pink-haired gal, aptly named Valentine, for the weekly theme this time of the year. so i figured i'd draw her again. her previous iterations are below.
this one only took me a total of 1 hr and 45 mins so i think i've gotten this style down as well as i can. probably means it's time for a shift in style. but i'm not ready yet. my Patreon supporters get to download the high-res file. if you're interested, click the bright orange button on the top right of the page OR head to
Valentine 2015
Valentine 2016

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

kickstarter commissions

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at this time, everyone that pledged for a commission tier from me for our The Blueprint 2 kickstarter should have received them. i was overcome with gratefulness (i think there's probably a word for that but it escapes me) at the amount of support we got for our kickstarter, especially from friends and family members. so i wanted to make sure these commissions got as much love as i could put into them. every single person who pledged for one of my commissions are very important to me and i didn't want it to go unnoticed. all of these were done traditionally with a mix of copic markers, brushpens, colored pencils, watercolors, and gouache.

thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart to those that supported the kickstarter. the book turned out amazing, it's the best quality we have ever been able to accomplish with printing, and the pins and stickers and prints are all candy!

Friday, January 20, 2017

thank you obama

[listening to "freedom" by beyonce' ft. kendrick lamar]

today was a challenge for lots of Americans. but art has always been and will continue to be the way i express many of my emotions. so i wanted to make a little love letter to the Obamas.

now i'm not here to beef, i'm here to spread art & positivity. and i encourage you to do the same. for a lot of us, Obama has helped our lives in many ways, the biggest for me & my family would be with healthcare. it's something we were finally able to have, thanks to him and his administration. insurance was difficult to get for freelance artists like us, especially for those with preexisting conditions. and though it wasn't perfect, it was the best step forward. in essence, it saved my husband's life. for that, i will be immeasurably grateful.
when i saw the picture of them posted on twitter yesterday by Michelle Obama, i felt a mixed bag of emotions ranging from love and pride all the way to sadness and fear. this is my only political piece of artwork and i can't think of a better couple to draw inspiration from. 

this was drawn completely digital, from concept to finish. took only an hour and a half. which is fast, for me. i guess when i have a clear vision in my head, it comes out faster. my Patreon supporters get to download the high-res file of this. i don't plan on making this into a print, except maybe just for myself. i just don't think comic con attendees would want to purchase it. but if enough people as for it, then MAYBE!

Monday, January 16, 2017

lucy turnarounds

[listening to "earned it" by the weeknd]

doing some work for our "The Blueprint 2" kickstarter rewards - namely i'm putting in orders for our kickstarter-exclusive prints. since our books have finally come in, it's been back to full-throttle kickstarter work. there's something extremely satisfying about doing work for something that you've created. so, in my excitement to be doing stuff for our own stories, here's the turnaround sheet for my character Lucy Sniz for my story LITTLE DEVIL! this turnaround art was finished after "The Blueprint 2" book was finished so it's not included in there. it IS, however, included in my latest mini artbook "Daydreams Book 3" (you can snag your copy on my etsy at
we'll be doing a packing party soon to get these books ready to go to their homes. look at em, there's so much!

Friday, January 6, 2017

ralphie for patreon

[listening to "sledgehammer" by rihanna]

i forgot to post this Ralphie i did for one of my Patreon supporters for the holidays. it was one of the rewards i did last month. it's on 6x8" strathmore paper done with watercolors and colored pencils (for the lines) with a tiny bit of ink for his eyes & glasses.

i send out rewards once a month to my Patreon peeps. some get comics i've worked on, some get prints, some even get an original piece. everyone gets a new wallpaper to download every month too along with some sneak peeks of what i'm working on. COME AND JOIN US! click on the orange button on the RIGHT SIDE ➔
or visit the link ⬇

Thursday, January 5, 2017

it's 2017 already

[listening to "rise" by katy perry]

happy new year everybody!!! not sure how it turned into 2017 without me noticing, but it totally did! probably cuz i was working on new year's day trying to meet a deadline this week. which i met, i'm happy to say. but of course i'm unable to show cool stuff like that online since it's all still hush hush. SO, i've decided to start the year off right by posting some Moana doodles from a couple weeks ago. the first one is little sketch i gave as part of a christmas gift. i only used my black pocket brush pen and some colored pencils for the red parts. the others are a series of sketches of Maui that i drew while watching the clip of his song "You're Welcome" (thank you, the Rock!) on youtube. i just love those little moves he does! and the last one i posted before but i figured it's Moana so i'll post again. that one was done as a Patreon reward for one of my awesome supporters.

if u know me or follow any of my social media outlet, u'll know that i loved Disney's most recent movie Moana. not only cuz it's a flippin great adventure, but it's a pretty huge deal for me to see a Disney Princess that kinda looks like me! for the longest time, i've had to resort to Mulan and i'm definitely not Chinese. (yeah i know she's not technically a princess.) and before that, Snow White was the only black-haired Princess that wasn't evil. otherwise, it's been varying shades of white girls and 1 ethnic sample of certain regions of the world. i'm Filipino, which is considered Asian but we're also a set of Pacific Islands. Moana is as close to hitting home for me as it will ever get unless somehow they create a Filipino folk tale. I'm not gonna hold my breath on that though. this movie holds a very special place in my heart and i can't wait until i see little kids dressed as her next year.

quick personal note: i know that the song "rise" by katy perry may be considered a little cheesy or hammy or whatever colorful word one wants to use. i think she made it for the Olympics that just passed. but i find that it's quite motivating for me. it's a tiny reminder for me not to give up my art/career goals no matter how much i doubt myself. cuz, frankly, nobody sings cool songs about being a quitter, and i don't wanna be that song nobody sings.