Thursday, September 24, 2015

baltimore con 2015

[listening to "can't feel my face" by the weeknd]

this weekend, find me at TABLE A300 in the artist alley of Baltimore Comic-Con! and my hubby Jerry Gaylord will be at TABLE A154! we missed the con last year so we're excited to be back.

this con, i'm introducing a new set of Premium Art Prints. they're $5 more than the other prints but they're on heavier textured paper so they look nicer (to me). i only have these 3 available premium prints. all of my other prints will still be on that same smooth heavy stock. i'll see how they do at Baltimore and New York Comic Con, then i'll decide if i should continue to make more.
(i originally thought i wouldn't be able to get the Ariel printed for this weekend but i work with one of the best printers on the east coast - Indigo Ink. they never disappoint!)

ALSO - my tshirt design for Third Eye Comics Fall Shirts are now available for purchase at their store. if you wear it to Baltimore Con this weekend , stop by the Third Eye booth and they'll give u some cool FREE stuff! and if u come by my table, i'll give ya a FREE mini print! i'll just ask to take a picture with ya. =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

little busy

[listening to "outstanding" by the gap band]

i just wanted to share a couple of things that i've finished up lately. since i'm a little busy trying to finish this LEGO project while getting ready for Baltimore Con, i don't really have time to do any new art for myself. this one is a sketch cover for HERO INITIATIVE's Adventure Time 100 project. once they receive it, it'll be graded by the CGC and put up on ebay. if ur not familiar with Hero Initiative, visit their website and see all the great things they're able to do for comic artists in need.
i really love marceline's song about how her daddy ate her fries so i went with that for the cover. i used copic markers for the most part, the derwent inktense colored pencils for the lines, and a light brush of acrylic paint for the wall shadows.

this one is a commissioned piece that's supposed to be a wedding gift for a couple of Disney-heads. anytime i can draw something with Disney flair, i'm all ears! (i'm terrible at puns.) the idea is that they're drawn like animated versions and Tink is using her magic to fill them with color. if that doesn't seem super apparent, then i'm a horrible artist. =(
this was drawn traditionally then colored digitally.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

my ariel

[listening to "mine" by beyonce ft. drake]

i finally drew an Ariel of my very own! it's a weird thing i have, and it probably isn't unique to me either. but every character that i truly truly love, i am very afraid to draw them because i'm afraid it won't look as good as i want it to. that's why i don't have many finished illustrations of Wonder Woman or Ariel or Ranma/Akane. but lately, i've been a lot more confident so i finally finished this Ariel. she turned out pretty much how i wanted her to. and as i learn more things i'm hoping i can revisit this again & maybe do a new one.

anyways, i originally submitted her to Acme Archives but they passed so i did it for myself. i have the original pencils for it but i'm getting a bit more comfortable coloring without finished lines these days. i've been working towards this point for a while now. i still have much to learn but the more i do it the better i feel about it. i don't have much in the way of process shots. secretly tho, that random shape of underwater bg right behind her butt is my "I Lava You" volcano. shhh, don't tell anyone. i'll have Ariel as a brand new print for New York Comic Con this year. hope everyone likes it as much as i do!

and here's a stark contrast to my first attempt at Ariel, back in 2008. this was on some old bookmarks we tried to sell. i think it was the first year we ever did Megacon. don't laugh. well, not too much anyways.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

charity auction

[listening to "good for you" by selena gomez ft. a$ap rocky]

even supers need a coffee break! and even though Superman doesn't need to eat, i think he'd enjoy himself a piece of pie every once in a while. i'm sure his mama fed him some yummy homemade pies when he was younger.

i've had this image in my head for a while now and i figured i'd draw it out for the New York Comic Con charity auction this year. hopefully people will like it enough to bid on it. i hope it's a nice change of pace from the usual racy/sexualized stuff that most artists draw. not that i have a problem with sexy art, mind u. it's just a personal feeling of mine that it seems somewhat inappropriate for me to auction off sexy art for a children's hospital. maybe i'm a prude now, whatevs.

so i've pulled together all the tricks i have in my bag for this one. used copics still, cuz that's still my most comfortable medium that's not digital. used my purple derwent inktense pencils for the lines cuz i don't like inking it anymore. then used my brush pen for the eyes and the table/chairs lines. white gel pen and paint pen for the white parts. then a light acrylic wash for the BG/floor. one day i'm gonna learn how to paint (with gouache). just u wait and see! the piece measures 11x14. so if ur going to NYCC, please consider participating in the charity auction. help kids AND get cool art! everyone wins!

Monday, September 7, 2015

imprisoned litho

[listening to "natural blues" by moby]

i found out last week that my latest piece for Acme Archives Direct was released! it's my 1st officially licensed piece of Star Wars artwork. does this mean i drew a Disney thing?? cuz whoa! they named it IMPRISONED - so badass! here are the process images of it.

you can get your own limited-edition lithograph on their sister site Dark Ink Art. or follow this link -

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

HERoes interview

[listening to "breakdown" by mariah carey ft. krayzie bone & wishbone]

who has 2 thumbs and is featured on this chick! can't believe i'm up there with the coolest lady artists in the industry right now like Babs Tarr. i'm so grateful for their continued support and i hope i don't let em down.

follow the link and read the interview!
"We get a chance to have a pressure free conversation about comics with women who are  creators in the comics community. Their creativity is inspiring to people throughout the comic fandom who enjoy their work. They are our HERoes."