Thursday, September 24, 2015

baltimore con 2015

[listening to "can't feel my face" by the weeknd]

this weekend, find me at TABLE A300 in the artist alley of Baltimore Comic-Con! and my hubby Jerry Gaylord will be at TABLE A154! we missed the con last year so we're excited to be back.

this con, i'm introducing a new set of Premium Art Prints. they're $5 more than the other prints but they're on heavier textured paper so they look nicer (to me). i only have these 3 available premium prints. all of my other prints will still be on that same smooth heavy stock. i'll see how they do at Baltimore and New York Comic Con, then i'll decide if i should continue to make more.
(i originally thought i wouldn't be able to get the Ariel printed for this weekend but i work with one of the best printers on the east coast - Indigo Ink. they never disappoint!)

ALSO - my tshirt design for Third Eye Comics Fall Shirts are now available for purchase at their store. if you wear it to Baltimore Con this weekend , stop by the Third Eye booth and they'll give u some cool FREE stuff! and if u come by my table, i'll give ya a FREE mini print! i'll just ask to take a picture with ya. =)

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