Wednesday, September 16, 2015

my ariel

[listening to "mine" by beyonce ft. drake]

i finally drew an Ariel of my very own! it's a weird thing i have, and it probably isn't unique to me either. but every character that i truly truly love, i am very afraid to draw them because i'm afraid it won't look as good as i want it to. that's why i don't have many finished illustrations of Wonder Woman or Ariel or Ranma/Akane. but lately, i've been a lot more confident so i finally finished this Ariel. she turned out pretty much how i wanted her to. and as i learn more things i'm hoping i can revisit this again & maybe do a new one.

anyways, i originally submitted her to Acme Archives but they passed so i did it for myself. i have the original pencils for it but i'm getting a bit more comfortable coloring without finished lines these days. i've been working towards this point for a while now. i still have much to learn but the more i do it the better i feel about it. i don't have much in the way of process shots. secretly tho, that random shape of underwater bg right behind her butt is my "I Lava You" volcano. shhh, don't tell anyone. i'll have Ariel as a brand new print for New York Comic Con this year. hope everyone likes it as much as i do!

and here's a stark contrast to my first attempt at Ariel, back in 2008. this was on some old bookmarks we tried to sell. i think it was the first year we ever did Megacon. don't laugh. well, not too much anyways.

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