Wednesday, September 9, 2015

charity auction

[listening to "good for you" by selena gomez ft. a$ap rocky]

even supers need a coffee break! and even though Superman doesn't need to eat, i think he'd enjoy himself a piece of pie every once in a while. i'm sure his mama fed him some yummy homemade pies when he was younger.

i've had this image in my head for a while now and i figured i'd draw it out for the New York Comic Con charity auction this year. hopefully people will like it enough to bid on it. i hope it's a nice change of pace from the usual racy/sexualized stuff that most artists draw. not that i have a problem with sexy art, mind u. it's just a personal feeling of mine that it seems somewhat inappropriate for me to auction off sexy art for a children's hospital. maybe i'm a prude now, whatevs.

so i've pulled together all the tricks i have in my bag for this one. used copics still, cuz that's still my most comfortable medium that's not digital. used my purple derwent inktense pencils for the lines cuz i don't like inking it anymore. then used my brush pen for the eyes and the table/chairs lines. white gel pen and paint pen for the white parts. then a light acrylic wash for the BG/floor. one day i'm gonna learn how to paint (with gouache). just u wait and see! the piece measures 11x14. so if ur going to NYCC, please consider participating in the charity auction. help kids AND get cool art! everyone wins!

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