Tuesday, September 22, 2015

little busy

[listening to "outstanding" by the gap band]

i just wanted to share a couple of things that i've finished up lately. since i'm a little busy trying to finish this LEGO project while getting ready for Baltimore Con, i don't really have time to do any new art for myself. this one is a sketch cover for HERO INITIATIVE's Adventure Time 100 project. once they receive it, it'll be graded by the CGC and put up on ebay. if ur not familiar with Hero Initiative, visit their website and see all the great things they're able to do for comic artists in need.
i really love marceline's song about how her daddy ate her fries so i went with that for the cover. i used copic markers for the most part, the derwent inktense colored pencils for the lines, and a light brush of acrylic paint for the wall shadows.

this one is a commissioned piece that's supposed to be a wedding gift for a couple of Disney-heads. anytime i can draw something with Disney flair, i'm all ears! (i'm terrible at puns.) the idea is that they're drawn like animated versions and Tink is using her magic to fill them with color. if that doesn't seem super apparent, then i'm a horrible artist. =(
this was drawn traditionally then colored digitally.

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