Friday, August 23, 2013


we're headed on out to WV POP CULTURE CON this weekend! as a matter of fact, i'm a weeee bit behind schedule. the con is in Morgantown, WV so if ur in the area, come on by and say 'sup! theFranchize & i are there as guests along with other talents like Ethan Van Sciver and Peter Steigerwald. we'll have plenty of Fanboys Vs Zombies books/trades, our prints that we bring everywhere, and definitely gonna be drawing some sketches for folks. we had such a blast last year and we're very much lookin forward to it again.

before i go, i thought i'd share this pic from last night. it may look like i'm doin some illegal things, but this is what it looks like to refill copic markers. it takes needles, alcohol, gloves, and cotton balls - u know, surgical stuff. so if u've never owned copics and wanted em, this is what it'll take to refill those bad boys! don't worry though, it's worth it. =)

see u guys in West Virginia!

Monday, August 19, 2013

busy again

[listening to "one jump ahead" on Aladdin soundtrack]

just thought i'd share my sketches in my sketchbook. i posted this a couple of days ago on my other social media outlet (@peng_peng on twitter and @p_e_n_g on instagram). i was trying to get inspired and i ended up drawing a quick sketch of Mako Mori from Pacific Rim. such a cool character that i was pleasantly surprised about in the movie. cuz from the moment i saw her on screen i thought i had her pegged as either helpless smart asian girl or meek girl that ends up bein the most badass Jaeger pilot. turns out she was a little of both without going too far over to one stereotype with an added truly tragic past. (btw, if u saw the movie, that little girl that played her may be the best child actress crying i've ever seen. EVER.)

after being inspired from that sketch, i doodled this one with the help of my hubby theFranchize. we're gonna try to cook up this piece before New York Comic Con. when we actually get this pencilled out more, i'll post it. i think i really liked how that mecha tattoo turned out that i wanna draw something else with him. i hope it turns out as cool as i have it in my head. cross ur fingers!
this is still in the works so let's keep it on the hush. ;)

and here's one from a couple of weeks ago. i know i posted it on my instagram but i always forget to post on here. just playing around with character designs. from this i went into drawing that Queen Bee. i'm trying to get better with facial expressions and different angles while making the character look the same. i swear if i went to a proper art school, i bet this would be easier. at least, that's what i think.

Friday, August 16, 2013


[listening to "alone" by heart]
final inks

final version

i am actually alone in the house. whenever the hubby leaves for a caricature gig, my day goes 1 of 2 ways - either i get loads of work done OR i get absolutely nothing done. i can never find a happy medium. regardless, i tend to crank up my 80s playlist and sing like a fool. my dogs don't mind it so much and the neighbors are all gone at work. don't judge me!

i have quite a few things to do on my task list but this morning i woke up with a neat idea of something to draw. unfortunately i have to get through my work before i can do fun stuff so there's a really good chance my idea won't see the light of day. but instead of bein bummed out about that, i'm posting this tattoo design i just finished for a client. it started out as something small for his forearm but turned into a bigger piece that he may get on his arm. he asked for it to be gray with some orange and all the details were by request. with the help of theFranchize on the mecha, i think it turned out pretty cool. not gonna lie, it's pretty great to work with such a talented husband. this must be what beyonce' feels like.

the lines were done with my copic drawing pen (which is like a cool quill pen). it gives me the ability to draw with it like a pencil because of how fine the point is, but can give me the line weight that i need as long as i go over it many times. =P the colors are all digital tho. i played around with where the orange colors would go and the client chose the final version.

honestly, this just makes me wanna get another tattoo! it was about 5 years between my first and second tattoo. it hasn't even been a full year yet and i'm itchin to get another one. there's gotta be some kind of addictive thing in tattoo ink. gotta be!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


[listening to "brave" by josh groban]

some very noteworthy cosplayers!

my Adventure Time sketchcovers

all day long (and really since we've gotten back from Otakon), i've been feeling rather uninspired. all my usual tricks (albums/movies/books) haven't been doin the trick. so instead of having nothing to show for the day, i've decided to post my Otakon pics!

explanation of pics
  •  so i didn't take very many pics of cosplayers. why? cuz i've been to sooo many cons that at this point, cosplayers will really have to turn my head for me to take a pic. that's not to say that there weren't more fantastic cosplayers, these are just the ones that caught my eye. i mean MIKE TYSON!? C'MON SON!
  • these are probably some of my best Adventure Time sketchcovers ever! the LSP/Bubblegum cosplay switch was super fun. loved drawin BMO Noire. the Fionna/Marshall Lee Boys Night is one of my absolute faves. and someone even asked me to draw my little kid-versions of LSP and BMO. gladly!
  • the other commissions were definitely fun to do. as for the sexy Hawkeye - someone actually asked me to take a pose of one of my sexy pinups (the one i chose was my Lady Loki print) and draw Hawkeye in the pose. i tell ya, that was interesting to draw. if i had more time, i think i woulda used the Harley butt pose. that woulda been fun!
Otakon was great, as usual. fans were great, the show was a success, and i got to see friends that i only see at this show! crazy part was that it seemed the attendees didn't really understand that the Fionna and Cake #1 issue i had in front of me (and the other Adventure Time and Fanboys Vs Zombies books on the table) were actual real comics. most of these folks thought it was like a fan-fiction that i made. oh u silly otakus. even one of the organizers of the con had to stop and flip through the Regular Show #1 comic in front of theFranchize to make sure it was a legitimate comic book. maybe the Artist Alley isn't where we need to be anymore at this show. maybe we need to be in the Dealer Room. whatever it was, it was neat seeing their reaction when they finally realize that we actually have worked on the comics. =)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Otakon weekend

[listening to justin timberlake]

so Otakon is this weekend and we're excited as always. this show has some of the best fans because they're so genuine when they talk to us. before i go and pack up for the show, i figured i'd post the finished colors on my Queen Bee drawing from before. i was trying a different way of coloring this with big photoshop brushes. (i dunno if i like it though.) i tried doing this in an hour, took like 3. epic fail. always happens when i try something new.

anyways, if ur going to brave the take-over of cosplayers and nerds in Baltimore this weekend for Otakon, don't forget to stop by their Artist Alley and see us at TABLES T04-T05! theFranchize, Flash, and I will all be there! looks like we'll have our backs to the left wall this year.

[sorry if i'm a little short on this blog post. i'm actually fuming because i had to deal with tmobile's customer care folks. since the first time we switched over, it's been nothing but terrible experience after terrible experience. and now that we've finally switched out they have one final blow to squeeze as much money out of us as possible. it's times like these that i wish i knew some kind of chant to get me through my Hulk rage.]

Friday, August 2, 2013


[listening to "take back the night" by justin timberlake]

wanted to share a fun piece of art that i'm trying to finish. i have to take a little break from the paid work that i'm doing to do something just for me or i'll drive myself and my husband crazy. thanx to my new Chris Sanders artbooks from SDCC, i've been dyin to draw ladies with thicker legs cuz i'm all about curvy=sexy. but i haven't really been able to do that for myself because most of the lady models i see/use online are twigs. Chris Sanders, however, is great at it. (if u don't know, he's the guy behind how Lilo and Stitch looks like.) and i absolutely love the way he draws feet. i don't have a foot fetish or anything like that, trust me. but i have the toughest time drawing bare feet (as most artists do, from what i understand). looking at his art helps me with that though.
anyways, this was supposed to be my submission for the Girls Drawin Girls weekly theme of "royalty." but it was for the week that i was at SDCC. so i'm all the way late, BUT i wanted to do it anyways. they said it could be whatever kind of queen we wanted, so this is my Queen Bee. i decided to try this new brush pen that i got from SDCC and i think i'm really diggin it so far. i have little control over it but i think i like it. the really really thin lines i used my regular 02 copic pen. i'm workin on coloring it now. nothin intricate. trying to do it in an hour. then it's back on my grind!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


[listening to "i'll be there for you" by jon bon jovi]

just busted out my 80s playlist and i've been singing along to each song like a fool! which is ok cuz it's just me, the hubby, and the puppies. i haven't listened to this playlist in over a month now and i am immediately transported back to my childhood.

anyways, i thought i'd post these sketches from my new sketchbook. i put them up on instagram but i didn't get to post them here. i'm officially lovin this new book with its brown paper. probably because i just really like using my white colored pencil. remember when u were a kid and u tried using the white colored pencil then get frustrated that u couldn't see it on the paper?? well now i'm making up for it. =)

the first sketch is of Kida from Disney's Atlantis, when she was a kid and her momma was taken from her. i didn't appreciate the coolness of this movie when i was younger. but thanx to Netflix, i can watch it over and over again! such fun character designs! and Michael J. Fox is just a GREAT voice actor. i really wish he would do more.
the second sketch is of Sherlock and Watson from BBC Sherlock. so grateful for being pressured into watching it because i LOVE this show. sucks that there's not gonna be another season for like 2 more years. durned great actors and their durned great movies putting such a cool show on hiatus.