Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Otakon weekend

[listening to justin timberlake]

so Otakon is this weekend and we're excited as always. this show has some of the best fans because they're so genuine when they talk to us. before i go and pack up for the show, i figured i'd post the finished colors on my Queen Bee drawing from before. i was trying a different way of coloring this with big photoshop brushes. (i dunno if i like it though.) i tried doing this in an hour, took like 3. epic fail. always happens when i try something new.

anyways, if ur going to brave the take-over of cosplayers and nerds in Baltimore this weekend for Otakon, don't forget to stop by their Artist Alley and see us at TABLES T04-T05! theFranchize, Flash, and I will all be there! looks like we'll have our backs to the left wall this year.

[sorry if i'm a little short on this blog post. i'm actually fuming because i had to deal with tmobile's customer care folks. since the first time we switched over, it's been nothing but terrible experience after terrible experience. and now that we've finally switched out they have one final blow to squeeze as much money out of us as possible. it's times like these that i wish i knew some kind of chant to get me through my Hulk rage.]

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