Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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some very noteworthy cosplayers!

my Adventure Time sketchcovers

all day long (and really since we've gotten back from Otakon), i've been feeling rather uninspired. all my usual tricks (albums/movies/books) haven't been doin the trick. so instead of having nothing to show for the day, i've decided to post my Otakon pics!

explanation of pics
  •  so i didn't take very many pics of cosplayers. why? cuz i've been to sooo many cons that at this point, cosplayers will really have to turn my head for me to take a pic. that's not to say that there weren't more fantastic cosplayers, these are just the ones that caught my eye. i mean MIKE TYSON!? C'MON SON!
  • these are probably some of my best Adventure Time sketchcovers ever! the LSP/Bubblegum cosplay switch was super fun. loved drawin BMO Noire. the Fionna/Marshall Lee Boys Night is one of my absolute faves. and someone even asked me to draw my little kid-versions of LSP and BMO. gladly!
  • the other commissions were definitely fun to do. as for the sexy Hawkeye - someone actually asked me to take a pose of one of my sexy pinups (the one i chose was my Lady Loki print) and draw Hawkeye in the pose. i tell ya, that was interesting to draw. if i had more time, i think i woulda used the Harley butt pose. that woulda been fun!
Otakon was great, as usual. fans were great, the show was a success, and i got to see friends that i only see at this show! crazy part was that it seemed the attendees didn't really understand that the Fionna and Cake #1 issue i had in front of me (and the other Adventure Time and Fanboys Vs Zombies books on the table) were actual real comics. most of these folks thought it was like a fan-fiction that i made. oh u silly otakus. even one of the organizers of the con had to stop and flip through the Regular Show #1 comic in front of theFranchize to make sure it was a legitimate comic book. maybe the Artist Alley isn't where we need to be anymore at this show. maybe we need to be in the Dealer Room. whatever it was, it was neat seeing their reaction when they finally realize that we actually have worked on the comics. =)

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