Friday, August 16, 2013


[listening to "alone" by heart]
final inks

final version

i am actually alone in the house. whenever the hubby leaves for a caricature gig, my day goes 1 of 2 ways - either i get loads of work done OR i get absolutely nothing done. i can never find a happy medium. regardless, i tend to crank up my 80s playlist and sing like a fool. my dogs don't mind it so much and the neighbors are all gone at work. don't judge me!

i have quite a few things to do on my task list but this morning i woke up with a neat idea of something to draw. unfortunately i have to get through my work before i can do fun stuff so there's a really good chance my idea won't see the light of day. but instead of bein bummed out about that, i'm posting this tattoo design i just finished for a client. it started out as something small for his forearm but turned into a bigger piece that he may get on his arm. he asked for it to be gray with some orange and all the details were by request. with the help of theFranchize on the mecha, i think it turned out pretty cool. not gonna lie, it's pretty great to work with such a talented husband. this must be what beyonce' feels like.

the lines were done with my copic drawing pen (which is like a cool quill pen). it gives me the ability to draw with it like a pencil because of how fine the point is, but can give me the line weight that i need as long as i go over it many times. =P the colors are all digital tho. i played around with where the orange colors would go and the client chose the final version.

honestly, this just makes me wanna get another tattoo! it was about 5 years between my first and second tattoo. it hasn't even been a full year yet and i'm itchin to get another one. there's gotta be some kind of addictive thing in tattoo ink. gotta be!!

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