Friday, August 2, 2013


[listening to "take back the night" by justin timberlake]

wanted to share a fun piece of art that i'm trying to finish. i have to take a little break from the paid work that i'm doing to do something just for me or i'll drive myself and my husband crazy. thanx to my new Chris Sanders artbooks from SDCC, i've been dyin to draw ladies with thicker legs cuz i'm all about curvy=sexy. but i haven't really been able to do that for myself because most of the lady models i see/use online are twigs. Chris Sanders, however, is great at it. (if u don't know, he's the guy behind how Lilo and Stitch looks like.) and i absolutely love the way he draws feet. i don't have a foot fetish or anything like that, trust me. but i have the toughest time drawing bare feet (as most artists do, from what i understand). looking at his art helps me with that though.
anyways, this was supposed to be my submission for the Girls Drawin Girls weekly theme of "royalty." but it was for the week that i was at SDCC. so i'm all the way late, BUT i wanted to do it anyways. they said it could be whatever kind of queen we wanted, so this is my Queen Bee. i decided to try this new brush pen that i got from SDCC and i think i'm really diggin it so far. i have little control over it but i think i like it. the really really thin lines i used my regular 02 copic pen. i'm workin on coloring it now. nothin intricate. trying to do it in an hour. then it's back on my grind!

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