Wednesday, July 31, 2013


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most of my sketches from SDCC
so despite being back from San Diego Comic Con for a full week now, i still don't feel rested. i even stayed in bed for like an entire day when we got back home. still tired. comic con does that to u. (that, and bein old, i guess.) i have only really had a chance to do some sketches here and there in my new sketchbook. which i LOVE by the way. got some great artooks at the show, which were my #1 priority. i did TONS of Adventure Time sketches at the BOOM booth. so lucky to be a part of that team. OH! AND i found out i had 3 of my pieces in the SDCC souvenir book. of course i grabbed like 4 copies of the book. =) all in all, it was a great trip. of course.

other than that, i've been finishing up inks for Fanboys Vs Zombies, designing someone's tattoo, and more convention prep. never a dull moment. thought i'd share my pics from SDCC right quick before getting back to work. (sorry for the placement of these photos. blogger hates pictures in posts and wants to make it as difficult as possible to line them up properly.)

view from our room - gorgeous!
breakfast with KaBOOM artists/writers/editors. great buncha folks!


cool cosplaying mashup - sailor moon/fionna & cake
my SDCC haul!

Friday, July 12, 2013

SDCC preppin'

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more sketchy stuffs i never put together. =) unfortunately all the stuff i'm workin on at the moment i can't really show yet. so i only have sketches to show off.

as i prep to get ready for San Diego Comic Con (holy crap! it's practically tomorrow!) i just wanted to let you know that i'm opening up my pre-con commission list again. this year at SDCC will be my first time drawing at the BOOM! booth (booth 2229). i'll be drawing Adventure Time sketch covers the entire con which means that i will not have the opportunity to take on any personal commissions during the show. if you wanted to get a personal commission from me to pick up at Comic Con, here are the details -
  • all con commissions are drawn on 9x12 bristol
  • $50 - pencils only
  • $75 - inks/grayscale
  • $100 - colors (colored with copics & colored pencils)
  • for waist-up requests, just cut the cost in half ($25 for pencils/$38 for inks/$50 for colors)
  • prices are per character
  • let me know what days you will be attending the con and we can discuss pick-up time
  • Interested? contact me via email - use the ABOUT PENG page for email info
feel free to ask me any questions. i don't know if i'll be able to update my blog before leaving for the show. so if i don't, i hope to see some of you guys at SDCC! with the BOOM/Archaia merge, looks like the booth will be one gigantic conglomerate of the best comics outside of "the big 2." i'm sure u won't be able to miss the Adventure Time section so come by and get a sketch by me! i love drawing AT characters - hardly seems like work.

gotta get back to gettin ready for the biggest con this year. i'm so excited that i'm stressed. =D

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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as i finish up putting together a reworked version of my 2013 Art Mignon for Comic Con, i realize i haven't posted any of my sketches in a while. i've only been posting them on Instagram so shame on me. here are a couple of them that i put together!

also, my hubby theFranchize did an online interview of sorts with the ladies of Comicosity's The Hangout! you can view the interview via Comicosity or just head on over to the ID COMICS STUDIOS website. =) he joins the ladies of the online show and talks about Fanboys Vs Zombies, Superman, and new comics of the week. so if you're into that sorta thing, check it out please!

Monday, July 1, 2013


[listening to "when will i see you smile again" by bell biv devoe]

recently found out that - the company we usually print with for small runs of our mini books - has closed its doors forever. that leaves us with quite the predicament going into San Diego Comic Con. i've been avoiding the issue for like a week, mostly because when i get too stressed i shut down. probably not the best thing to do, but it happens. =/ anyways, i've got lots of emails and researching to do. regardless, we WILL be ready for comic con one way or another. =D

i forgot to post the Sailor Octopus art on here. it's actually a sketchcard commission for a great repeat client that gives me so much freedom on what i draw. he really spoils me with that. and since i've been itchin to draw tentacles lately i knew i wanted to incorporate that in here somehow. then it so happened that the week i drew this, my Girls Drawin Girls group blog had a sailor theme. so i incorporated the two and that's what i came up with. you can view my GDG post of this on here -

the one below that is for this past week's GDG blog theme of cat ears. i was looking up google images of cat ears and a random photo of this girl popped up towards the bottom and she had this floppy hat with cat ears on it. i thought it was just too cute and i felt like sketching it. the drawing doesn't look like her so much, i just really liked her big glasses and floppy hat. it was drawn in my sketchbook with my pink and purple colored pencils. the bluish gradient was just added in photoshop. just cuz. =) you can view the GDG post of this here -