Wednesday, July 31, 2013


[listening to "fire in the water" by feist]

most of my sketches from SDCC
so despite being back from San Diego Comic Con for a full week now, i still don't feel rested. i even stayed in bed for like an entire day when we got back home. still tired. comic con does that to u. (that, and bein old, i guess.) i have only really had a chance to do some sketches here and there in my new sketchbook. which i LOVE by the way. got some great artooks at the show, which were my #1 priority. i did TONS of Adventure Time sketches at the BOOM booth. so lucky to be a part of that team. OH! AND i found out i had 3 of my pieces in the SDCC souvenir book. of course i grabbed like 4 copies of the book. =) all in all, it was a great trip. of course.

other than that, i've been finishing up inks for Fanboys Vs Zombies, designing someone's tattoo, and more convention prep. never a dull moment. thought i'd share my pics from SDCC right quick before getting back to work. (sorry for the placement of these photos. blogger hates pictures in posts and wants to make it as difficult as possible to line them up properly.)

view from our room - gorgeous!
breakfast with KaBOOM artists/writers/editors. great buncha folks!


cool cosplaying mashup - sailor moon/fionna & cake
my SDCC haul!

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