Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas

[listening to "the christmas song" by michael buble]
the hubby and i just wanted to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and an amazing new year with loads of new opportunities!
this is the christmas card that we did this year. i wanted to pay homage to Norman Rockwell, but give it my own personal flare. i tried to keep the same color scheme, except our tree this year is white with red christmas balls. unfortunately when i printed them the tree looked more pink than white. but whatevs.

if i could be real for just a sec. last christmas was one of the hardest we've ever had to face with my husband and his father both being in the hospital over the entire holiday season. it was such a bad time for us that i really had some serious anxiety when the season came around this year. we've had to make a lot of changes in our life over the course of this year but i am truly truly grateful to be able to have him home this christmas. so despite how bad things get and how hard life hits me sometimes, i'll take my blessings where i can get em. i've learned not to plan too far ahead into the future but instead live here and now. cuz u never know. and it's funny because people have been saying that type of stuff to me since i can remember but it never stuck. now i see what they really mean. youth will do that to a person.

i hope you all are spending the holidays with your loved ones. hold em a little longer, kiss em a little more sloppily. it's the best time of the year to do that. =) i'll see you all in 2015!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014


[listening to "song for a winter's night" by sarah mclachlan]
as i sit here sippin my eggnog coffee, it just dawned on me that i never posted this commission of Death that i did like 2 months ago. the client asked that she fit the style of how i drew the 3 Gotham Sirens. i painted more of the graveyard in the back but unfortunately a lot of it had to get cropped out. it was a bit of a bummer but i guess that just means i gotta plan these out better.
this one is a logo design that i did for my good friend who loves to knit cute stuff. even though this doesn't quite fit the rules of a logo design (since there's tons of different colors and nothing is vectorized), it's what she wanted and she loves it. at least, that's what she tells me so i'm not gonna question it. =P she asked me to include her cute corgi and i was more than happy to do it. keep an eye out for KUNKELSAURUS for all ur knitted needs.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


[listening to "let it snow" by boyz ii men & brian mcknight]

for my trip out to CTNX this year, i made an art book that served as a mini portfolio to give to some important folks. it was a very limited run but i do have 3 left from it. so, i've put the book up on my Etsy shop. if you're interested in buying a copy, each will be signed and sketched in the back!

titled DAYDREAMS, the book is 24 pages and measures larger than my previous "Art Mignon" books at 8.5"x7". it has some pinups and lots of sketches (both inks and pencils). like i mentioned before, i only have THREE left. there's a chance that i might reprint it for 2015, but as of right now, it's a huge maybe. it's $27 on my Etsy which includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. (shipping outside the U.S. is additional).

head on out to to order a copy. (you can also reach the link on my ART BOOKS tab above.) if you purchase a copy, please write me a note on Etsy about your favorite character you'd like me to sketch. if you don't tell me one, i'll just pick one of my own - which i don't mind at all!

Sunday, December 7, 2014


[listening to "something about december" by christina perri]

did this up right quick last night for the Girls Drawin Girls theme of the week - sweaters! trying to learn how to make drawlings without the lines that i'm used to. it's really forcing me to be much more loose with the color decisions that i make. i'm really one of those that try to color within the lines as much as possible. i used to think that if i my crayon breaks the line, it means i failed. =/ still, i'm working on it.

i have yet to be comfortable enough to start a sketch straight on my cintiq. so, as usual, my sketch started out traditional. but where i normally take the sketch and graphite it to make it clean, i went from this to colors.

Monday, December 1, 2014


[listening to "oh santa" by mariah carey]

go to Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD!

it's too late now, i'm all the way in the Christmas spirit. started listening to Christmas songs right the weekend before Thanksgiving. that was me trying to hold out til Thanksgiving, but failing as usual.

here's my 1st piece of holiday cheer! drew this for the super cool folks at Third Eye Comics! they've asked me to draw a coloring page that they're giving out to customers along with a holiday wish list for them to fill out. so if you've been in their awesome shop in Annapolis, MD lately, grab urself (or ur kids) a sheet and let those crayons fly!

i got their main mascot dude (with the third eye) as santa, its lady helper that's like its trusty sidekick, but i knew i needed some elves. so my elves are kinda like Minions but they're kinda dressed like Christmas ornaments. that's why they've got different patterns. hope the kiddies like it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


[listening to disney songs]

thought i'd share some convention sketches from these past bunch of cons. all of the pictures that we have from these back to back to back shows are up on our ID STUDIOS FACEBOOK PAGE. to see them all, head on over there. and give us a LIKE while ur there too. =)

i'm just posting a couple of my favorite sketches. when i'm at a con, i use copic pens and copic markers to do color illustrations. the jubilee is from NYCC and the Carrie Kelley Robin is from Awesome Con Indy, both last month.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


[listening to "its gonna be me" by n sync]

some Gotham Academy love
collaborative sketch for my niece's bday present (thefranchize drew it, i colored it)
feelin Halloween-y

just some sketch dumping action. for anyone that reads this blog but does not follow my IG or twitter or other stuff like that.
hope everyone had a great Halloween last week. now get back to work! =P

Friday, October 31, 2014


[listening to the nightmare before christmas soundtrack]

just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! have fun, eat lots of candy, and most of all be safe! this year i'll be going as a comic book artist. (ok, so i had no time to get/make a costume. i know, i'm lame.)

and yes, that is my dog that i drew in these, dressed as a cat. not that i've ever dressed her like a cat, i just thought it would be cute. i'm really trying to work on making my animals more expressive, so i'm starting with my dogs. both of these were done with the Pentel brush pens and my black copic marker (to fill in the big areas in the top sketch).

Thursday, October 23, 2014


[listening to "if it isn't love" by new edition]

here's a halloween doodle. decided to loosen up by doing some sketches with my brushpen - no pencils. it was really uncomfortable, but i guess it's supposed to be.

hours are hard to come by lately. there's definitely not enough of it in a day, especially when u have back to back to back cons. we're almost done, we just have one more event to do this Saturday. then that's it! (for the year, anyway.) after that we'll be headed out to CTN Expo to learn and network and expand our horizons. but that's a whole other ball of wax.

back to this Saturday, Oct. 25th! it's a nationwide event for the comics industry - Halloween ComicFest! its kinda like Free Comic Book Day, but Halloween and stuff. so we'll be at Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD to celebrate the day, courtesy of Art Way Alliance. theFranchize and i will be there to talk about how we work as a studio and what we do when we work on a comic project together. i believe we will also be teaching kids how to create a comic strip, but i'll leave that up to theFranchize's very capable hands. visit their Facebook page using this link to learn more about the event -
we'll be there around 1pm but the event runs from 10a-6p.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

birthday dragon

[listening to "fear" by onerepublic]

"Uncharted Territory" - available on Acme Archives Direct


ok, normally i don't like to post 2 things on the same day but i can't help it. plus, it's my berfday, i do what i want! =P

i just wanted to tell u that my 1st DreamWorks officially licensed piece for How to Train Your Dragon 2 was released today! on my birthday for pete's sake! it's called "Uncharted Territory" it's available only through Acme Archives Direct so follow this link -

thought i'd share the process shots here. i was pretty proud of this piece. i spent the most time on it than i have on anything else i've done so far. now i wanna do more!!! =D my Art of HTTYD2 book came in very handy. i can't wait to get my very own copy to hang on my wall. pardon me while i jump in excitement. and also drown from fear that noone will like it. it's a complicated set of emotions.


[listening to "silence - remix" by sarah mclachlan]

ID STUDIOS - TABLES 225/324/326!

these next couple of weeks are gonna be crazy insane! i want to make sure i post at least once a week but if i don't, it's not from lack of trying.

we'll be heading out to Indianapolis, IN in a couple of days for Awesome Con Indianapolis! we've never done a show in Indy before so i've got all sorts of butterflies in my tummy. since we're flying in, i'll only have a limited number of prints and books available so come early! i'll also be doing sketches of course so get your name on the list. and since inktober is tomorrow, i'll be bringing along my favorite brush pens. can't wait to use em!

come find us at TABLES 225/324/326!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


[listening to "i wanna sex you up" by color me badd]

well, we just wrapped up the Baltimore Book Festival this past weekend which kicks off the whirlwind of cons/shows. every weekend from now until November, i will be doing a con or something like it. i'm tired just thinkin about it.

i did buckle down and actually finish a brand new print in time for these cons! i needed to do a Frozen print. i had to! i love the movie too much not to. next on my list is the Little Mermaid, but i think that's gonna have to wait until 2015. decided to do one of post-angry snow queen where the sisters can finally share their love of chocolate. hope folks like it!

unfortunately i won't have a new sketchbook this year for NYCC. there's just not enough hours in the day. but i promise there will be one in 2015. so help me!

this weekend, we're heading out to Awesome Con Indianapolis! i can't stress enough how much i love Awesome Con DC, so when they invited us to come out to Indy, it was kind of a no-brainer. it's the first time they're going out there so i have no idea what to expect. i just hope the crowd is hungry for cool prints and fun books. i don't know what our table number is, but i'm sure if u walk around, u'll find us.

shortly after that, we'll be heading out to New York Comic Con! come out and see us in the Artist Alley - tables O14/O15! (that's the letter O, not zero.) i probably won't have time between those two shows to post again so i hope folks follow my instagram (@p_e_n_g) and twitter (@peng_peng) to see all the sketches and stuff i'll be doing while we're on the road. haven't done a good huge con in months so i'm pretty excited about these.

cross ur fingers and hope we survive these next few weeks!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


[listening (and singing) to celine dion]


sketch of VeraBaby of one of her cosplays


another sketch dump. all of these were done for my #100daysofsketches challenge that i, apparently, seem to be the only one participating anymore among my studiomates. it is tough to do on a daily basis and i definitely miss days. but it wouldn't be called a "challenge" if it wasn't, now would it? i am still following thru with it though cuz it's really helping me to work on my figures more, especially my dudes. man, that's a huge hump for me to get over. teaching urself something u know nothing about is pretty dang tough, i must say.
anyways, please follow me on Instagram - @p_e_n_g to follow my 100 days AND join in if ur up to the challenge. i think i'm up to the early 40s. lots and lots to go. its great for adding to my 2014 sketchbook, which i should hopefully have by NYCC. fingers crossed!