Tuesday, September 30, 2014


[listening to "i wanna sex you up" by color me badd]

well, we just wrapped up the Baltimore Book Festival this past weekend which kicks off the whirlwind of cons/shows. every weekend from now until November, i will be doing a con or something like it. i'm tired just thinkin about it.

i did buckle down and actually finish a brand new print in time for these cons! i needed to do a Frozen print. i had to! i love the movie too much not to. next on my list is the Little Mermaid, but i think that's gonna have to wait until 2015. decided to do one of post-angry snow queen where the sisters can finally share their love of chocolate. hope folks like it!

unfortunately i won't have a new sketchbook this year for NYCC. there's just not enough hours in the day. but i promise there will be one in 2015. so help me!

this weekend, we're heading out to Awesome Con Indianapolis! i can't stress enough how much i love Awesome Con DC, so when they invited us to come out to Indy, it was kind of a no-brainer. it's the first time they're going out there so i have no idea what to expect. i just hope the crowd is hungry for cool prints and fun books. i don't know what our table number is, but i'm sure if u walk around, u'll find us.

shortly after that, we'll be heading out to New York Comic Con! come out and see us in the Artist Alley - tables O14/O15! (that's the letter O, not zero.) i probably won't have time between those two shows to post again so i hope folks follow my instagram (@p_e_n_g) and twitter (@peng_peng) to see all the sketches and stuff i'll be doing while we're on the road. haven't done a good huge con in months so i'm pretty excited about these.

cross ur fingers and hope we survive these next few weeks!

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