Monday, September 15, 2014


[listening to "flow" by sade]


ok, i admit, it's been a while. super sorry about that. SO! to make it up to my poor online art table, i'm gonna post a piece i have not posted anywhere yet. after this though, i'll probably be posting it everywhere. but it's here first!

anyways, this is my very first piece i attempted to get approved by Acme Archives. unfortunately, Disney said it's just not "Frozen" enough. it's a hard pill to swallow and rejection is never ever ever (ever) easy to deal with. but i suppose i have to get used to that cuz it happens to every artist. yet another piece of the armor i need to build up if i wanna get ahead in the industry. i might turn it into a mini print for myself, i dunno. i certainly didn't want it to fade away into nothing, especially cuz i really spent some time on this. i'm not giving up though. i'm gonna keep submitting stuff to them until they finally give up and say yes. =P in the meantime, i've just finished a How to Train Your Dragon  piece so we'll see if that gets approved by Dreamworks. keep ur fingers crossed everyone!

with this piece, i've tried to get rid of the linework as much as i could. i have much to learn about doing it this way, but i'm gonna count this one in the win column for getting closer to learning it. it's not where i want it to be yet, but as with anything, i just gotta keep practicing. below are the other concepts i came up with. i may do the "Chocolate!" one for myself. with any luck, i'll have it for myself at NYCC.

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