Saturday, September 20, 2014


[listening (and singing) to celine dion]


sketch of VeraBaby of one of her cosplays


another sketch dump. all of these were done for my #100daysofsketches challenge that i, apparently, seem to be the only one participating anymore among my studiomates. it is tough to do on a daily basis and i definitely miss days. but it wouldn't be called a "challenge" if it wasn't, now would it? i am still following thru with it though cuz it's really helping me to work on my figures more, especially my dudes. man, that's a huge hump for me to get over. teaching urself something u know nothing about is pretty dang tough, i must say.
anyways, please follow me on Instagram - @p_e_n_g to follow my 100 days AND join in if ur up to the challenge. i think i'm up to the early 40s. lots and lots to go. its great for adding to my 2014 sketchbook, which i should hopefully have by NYCC. fingers crossed!

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