Monday, December 1, 2014


[listening to "oh santa" by mariah carey]

go to Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD!

it's too late now, i'm all the way in the Christmas spirit. started listening to Christmas songs right the weekend before Thanksgiving. that was me trying to hold out til Thanksgiving, but failing as usual.

here's my 1st piece of holiday cheer! drew this for the super cool folks at Third Eye Comics! they've asked me to draw a coloring page that they're giving out to customers along with a holiday wish list for them to fill out. so if you've been in their awesome shop in Annapolis, MD lately, grab urself (or ur kids) a sheet and let those crayons fly!

i got their main mascot dude (with the third eye) as santa, its lady helper that's like its trusty sidekick, but i knew i needed some elves. so my elves are kinda like Minions but they're kinda dressed like Christmas ornaments. that's why they've got different patterns. hope the kiddies like it!

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