Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas

[listening to "the christmas song" by michael buble]
the hubby and i just wanted to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and an amazing new year with loads of new opportunities!
this is the christmas card that we did this year. i wanted to pay homage to Norman Rockwell, but give it my own personal flare. i tried to keep the same color scheme, except our tree this year is white with red christmas balls. unfortunately when i printed them the tree looked more pink than white. but whatevs.

if i could be real for just a sec. last christmas was one of the hardest we've ever had to face with my husband and his father both being in the hospital over the entire holiday season. it was such a bad time for us that i really had some serious anxiety when the season came around this year. we've had to make a lot of changes in our life over the course of this year but i am truly truly grateful to be able to have him home this christmas. so despite how bad things get and how hard life hits me sometimes, i'll take my blessings where i can get em. i've learned not to plan too far ahead into the future but instead live here and now. cuz u never know. and it's funny because people have been saying that type of stuff to me since i can remember but it never stuck. now i see what they really mean. youth will do that to a person.

i hope you all are spending the holidays with your loved ones. hold em a little longer, kiss em a little more sloppily. it's the best time of the year to do that. =) i'll see you all in 2015!!!

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