Wednesday, October 1, 2014

birthday dragon

[listening to "fear" by onerepublic]

"Uncharted Territory" - available on Acme Archives Direct


ok, normally i don't like to post 2 things on the same day but i can't help it. plus, it's my berfday, i do what i want! =P

i just wanted to tell u that my 1st DreamWorks officially licensed piece for How to Train Your Dragon 2 was released today! on my birthday for pete's sake! it's called "Uncharted Territory" it's available only through Acme Archives Direct so follow this link -

thought i'd share the process shots here. i was pretty proud of this piece. i spent the most time on it than i have on anything else i've done so far. now i wanna do more!!! =D my Art of HTTYD2 book came in very handy. i can't wait to get my very own copy to hang on my wall. pardon me while i jump in excitement. and also drown from fear that noone will like it. it's a complicated set of emotions.

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