Wednesday, April 26, 2017

another ariel

[listening to "all night long" by lionel richie]

recently finished this commission for someone i met at WonderCon. he's an incredible artist and i wanted to make sure i spent some time on this piece. so he let me take it home and i mailed it back to him. this is my first full watercolor commission and i was really quite happy with how it turned out. i've had to make some miracles happen with my super cheap watercolors that i've had for years. it's one of those that came in some "artist starter set" type things ppl buy for students or for someone that they know who like art but they don't really know what medium they like to work in. so it came with colored pencils, markers, graphites, pastels, and watercolors. to be fair, when i got this set of supplies, i had no idea what medium i liked to work in myself. but paint was certainly not one of them.
now that i'm really enjoying working with watercolors, i wanna upgrade to some nicer watercolor sets, just to see where that takes me.

image on the left is the cleaned up lines that i draw with my Derwent Inktense colored pencils. i like using these because they don't erase very much and i like how they blend with the paints. once i finish the loose sketch, i go over it with the colored pencils and then i go straight to paints. and once i'm done with the painting, i go over some of the lines again with the colored pencils, depending on if any of them need redefining.

and if i haven't ever said it before, i love drawing Disney commissions. SPECIFICALLY, i love drawing Ariel. so when the opportunity to draw her comes along, i jump on it like a fat kid and cake! haha! if this looks similar to the other Ariel commission i just posted, it's cuz the dude that asked for it saw that i was working on the other one at the con and he was like "i want one LIKE THAT. or some variation of that." so i was like U GOT IT DUDE! 👍

i've posted the progress shots to my Patreon supporters so if ur interested in those, click the big orange PATREON button at the top and join us!

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