Friday, October 29, 2010

separate ways journey
so i'm starting to notice that i haven't been posting what's currently on my art table so much as i am posting backlogged art. =/ i don't think i approve. it's just that usually i'd like to keep it a surprise to folks that get a commission from me what the piece looks like so far. that way, when they get the final piece in the mail, they don't already know what to expect. cuz personally, i like being pleasantly surprised by a package in the mail. still, i think i'd like to fix that. hence, i am posting a cropped picture of this piece i'm currently working on. it's of Juri from the most recent Street Fighter installment, but with a goth look per the client's request. i am in the process of coloring her right now but i didn't wanna give too much away.

this piece i finished earlier this week. it's for a client who won my ebay auction and it's of an X-Men character named Magik. i believe she is Collosus's little sister but something about her mutant powers manifests in a demon-like form. but please don't quote me on that or be angry if i get it wrong. i don't know ALL X-Men characters and it's just what i gathered as i briefly skimmed over her bio on at any rate, she's got goat legs and demon horns. i'm still working on this upwards perspective shot so that i can get better at it someday.

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