Tuesday, November 20, 2012

most wonderful time of the year

sung by practically any artist out there with a christmas album

just thought i'd share what is on my art table tonight. just finished up a long overdue commission for my good friend (and cool artist) Jamie Fay. this is of his original character Nina from his own studio's book "The Neverminds." this was for my DeviantArt sale - 1 year membership for a color commission. i only do that whenever my membership is close to being up.
lines only
finished art

i just realized that i haven't posted in a while. my last post was right before Sandy and as you may know, we actually were fortunate enough to not be affected as badly as predicted. not sure how but i guess someone up there is looking out for us. despite us being only about 2 hours away from Ocean City, MD and being fairly close to the Chesapeake Bay, we just had lots of wind and rain, but no serious damage.
so between then and now, we got Issue #9 of Fanboys vs Zombies all wrapped up as well as Issue #10! along with those, i drew some AP cards...
Governor's daughter - Walking Dead AP Card

Zatanna & Scarlett Witch puzzle card - DC New 52 AP Card & Avengers AP Card
Shazam - DC New 52 AP Card (the Walking Dead AP was actually done by theFranchize)

Blink | Emma Frost | Namorita - Marvel Beginnings AP Cards
....and i did this one Adventure Time Marceline sketch cover for the promoter for Awesome Cons, Ben Penrod. (i like the idea of sketch covers but they sure are hard to draw on sometimes. nothing sticks to them!)

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