Wednesday, November 21, 2012


[listening to all christmas music all the time from now till the new year! cuz i love christmas music! i'd listen all year 'round if it were socially acceptable. =P]

HEY FOLKS! i mentioned on Twitter that i was having a holiday sale and by golly i'm doin it! this holiday sale is for those that would like to give someone a gift of a custom one-of-a-kind artwork. original artwork is expensive because of the amount of work that goes in it, but we can all use a little break in the pockets during the holidays. so whether you get one for a loved one or for yourself (which still counts cuz ya gotta love urself!), this is the perfect time to do so!

starting today Nov 21st until Dec. 17th, my commission prices are slashed!
black and white commissions - $40 ONLY!
shipping is FREE for digital delivery OR $5 for Priority Shipping (US Only/outside US will be an additional fee)

these prices are for a single character with little or no backgrounds. if you want multiple characters, the prices are per character. i won't discourage anyone from wanting their original piece of artwork in their hands, but digital delivery is the best way to get your commission in time for Christmas. however, if you want it sent to you, i would highly encourage you to request your commission BEFORE Dec. 17th IF you want it in time for Christmas. the closer to that date, the less likely i'll be able to mail your piece in time for Christmas. (this sale does NOT include sketch card or sketch cover commissions.)
GO TO MY COMMISSIONS INFO TAB for more info on what to expect with your commission. like the size of the paper (11x14) and that all colors are digital! IMPORTANT NOTE - payment must be received before any work is started.
email me at if u want one done!

here's a commission i recently finished for someone of Morrigan.

want one? just email me penelope @ identitycomics dotcom!

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