Monday, September 24, 2012


sung by kanye west

 this is going to be the image on the signature of my scoundrel art account. i think it's a good sample of recent sets i've worked on.
i've spent a good deal of the work day today posting up stuff online to make my online presence stronger. i've posted up an Ebay listing for commissioned art by me as well as listings for blank AP cards from the DC New 52 set and blank AP cards from the Walking Dead set. now our Artist Proof cards are just stacking up like crazy from all the sets that we worked on. neither me nor the hubby are really doing anything to move them so i'm trying to be a bit more proactive on those. that's why i'm trying to get onto scoundrel. for those who may not know, scoundrel is an art community mostly (if not completely) devoted to sketch card collectors and artists. (my account name on there is Peng-Peng, of course.) i hope to move some of these cards outta here. its partially the reason i've decided to stop drawing these. oftentimes a company would offer these artist proof cards as compensation for the work, usually along with a small card rate. but we've just amassed so much and i'm really not that proactive in selling them. and honestly, some of them are so old i don't think anyone would really want them at this point. i think i'm going to start bringing them to cons and drawing on them for like $5, just to get rid of em. =)

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