Monday, September 3, 2012

holding out for a hero

sung by frou frou

i'm facing a dilemma. i made this magenta version of my Krypto portrait earlier today and since then i haven't been able to pick which one i like better to turn into a large canvas print. see, this magenta version is what i originally wanted to do with this. but i was afraid that the hubby wouldn't be too keen to have a big pink piece of artwork on the wall. but as any supportive hubby would do, he told me if its my art, he doesn't care if its pink as long as i like it. =)
so i like this version cuz i really am starting to be drawn to the magenta/pink color (hence my color scheme on this blog). but i like the original one too cuz it's more comic genre appropriate. i'm torn. what to do...


Jac V. said...

Pink!! And really, it's not "pink" it's magenta! If it's for YOU, then go with what YOU want to go with! Easy as that!

P.S. I read somewhere that pink was supposed to be a more "manly" color! Like before the 1940s... Because pink was so much bolder than blue, it meant that it was a strong color, so being as how much "Stronger" boys were supposed to be back then, they marketed pink colored clothes for baby boys and blue for girls because it was a more dainty color and girls would look "more pretty" in it. And when people realized that it was a sexist idea, I think they flipped it and became the blue-boy, pink-girl trend we see today. Probably more info than you wanted to know, but I thought it was a cool, interesting article. :)

Peng-Peng said...

u right u right! i'm really liking it more and more. i put it on my phone as my wallpaper and i likes lookin at it.