Saturday, September 22, 2012

i keep forgettin'

sung by michael mcdonald (and yes, this song leads to "Regulate" on my playlist =P)

just thought i'd share my lady doodles from yesterday and today. i've decided to practice my lady drawlings. now i know what ur thinkin. if there's anything i need to practice, it's dude drawlings. but there is an abundance of lady photos on deviant and makes it much easier to use them as models. no worries, i will do dude sketches too. i'm just practicing anyway.
these are all poses from nude (or mostly nude) photos from photographers i watch on DA. so if the pose looks familiar, ur probably watching the same deviants. ;)

now i've been trying to come up with a new tattoo for my birthday for a few weeks now. i'm so ridiculously picky just on how i get my hair done and that always grows back. imagine my inability to make a decision on such a permanent piece on my person! this will be my 2nd tattoo ever, and the first to be visible to most people. i plan on putting this on my right forearm where i can always see it, especially when i'm drawing in hopes that it will inspire me each time i see it. i call it my mark of the artistic brotherhood. i swear every artist i meet, with the exception of my hubby, have a tattoo somewhere on their arm visible to the world. and though i really dislike conforming to preconceived notions or trends, i DO like being a part of stuff. kakaka i know, it's weird.
anyways, i have asked my BFF to embellish it and make it purdy and i know she can deliver. so once its finished and i get it tattooed on me for my birthday, i'll be sure to post it. (my birthday's on October 1st, in case u were wondering or thinkin of getting me a bday cupcake. ;P KEKEKE)

also, here's some shenanigans that was goin on on my art table a couple days ago. i meant to post it, but forgot. hubby got new ninja turtles toys and shredder's knees didn't bend for some ridiculous reason. so of course, he splits. =P and jean claude van damme immediately came to mind. long story short, this was the product of my minor procrastination that day.

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