Thursday, September 20, 2012


sung by lady gaga (back when i used to like her songs)

i did some MAJOR venturing around on deviantart today. i've come to realize that if i even come close to staying active on that site, i need to devote at least half of my work day just navigating around. it used to be SO easy to spend hours on there when i had a regular day job sittin at a desk in human resources. i was able to respond to everyone's comments, fav others' deviations, and get lost in all the amazing things on there. now that i'm a full time artist, its unfortunate that i don't have that kind of time to devote to it anymore. which is crazy because now is the time to be inspired by great art around the world.
i'm really sorry to everyone that has continued to visit my DA page and leave comments with not even a thanks from me. know that i appreciate all of it, i just don't have the time to type it. still, i'm planning on being on there once a week and get around as much as i can. except, of course, the week of crunch time when these Fanboys vs Zombies are due. hasn't failed yet, the week its due me and theFranchize have our noses to the pages from the moment we wake till we go to bed with breaks in between to eat so we don't pass out. =P

the image above is my work in progress on the Harley Quinn i plan on having for New York Comic Con next month! i plan on making it like the Poison Ivy print that i have so that they match. i took a few liberties on her costume. i hate what they've done with her New 52 look but i wasn't really a huge fan of her jester headpiece either. so i borrowed this idea for the outfit from a photo i saw by one of my favorite DA photographers, Bommi. (picture below) i think it's still sexy and fun but with a little more elegance to it.
link to his deviation ->


Jac V. said...

Booty pose!! LOL I really like your "flats" (that's what it's called right??) I mean the final piece is ALWAYS awesome, but I like the simplicity and 2-dimensionality of it! I also really liked the lines of the female storm trooper from your last post as well. I dig the simple things! :)

It's cool to see the different steps in your process.

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