Sunday, September 2, 2012

i see the light

sung by mandy moore and zachary levi

even though i started out the day on a low note, i managed to bounce back and finish something i've been wanting to do for a while now! it's a portrait of my Krypto dog that i wanted to do!
i was bummed as the day started. got my finger accidentally bit by my dad's dog while i was giving him treats this morning. and if there's one thing u should know about me, i get very queasy at the sight of blood, especially my own. but thanks to my hubby and my puppies, i got up (eventually) and did this portrait that i couldn't find the time to do before. and even though i'm typing slower now with my busted pointer finger, seeing the final product has salvaged the day. =)
did this portrait on Illustrator. why red, u ask? cuz it's my favorite color. plus i wanted to do something fun and unique where most other dog portraits fail to do for me. and since she's named after Superman's dog (thanx to theFranchize), i wanted to keep it red, blue and yellow.
though in the comic book world it doesn't make sense for her to be "saying" her own name, i rather like it.
PLUS i finally learned how to make these halftones, thanks to the power of the internet! just google "how to make a halftone in illustrator" and ur golden!

now i just gotta wait for a good Groupon or Living Social deal for large canvas prints again and i'm turning this into a big one like my other dog's portrait! (except no 4-color Warhol thingy.)

below is the picture i used to make it. it's my favorite picture of her cuz she's so happy in it! (yes she has on a shirt - don't judge me!)


Jac V. said...

I love the halftone... I gotta look that up! So instead of Warhol, you went Lichtenstein!!

What ever happened to your fave color being yellow? heehee... I know growing up, my favorite color was purple... now it's blue... funny how our tastes change over the years. Or, we just old!

Peng-Peng said...

yeah it went from yellow to minty green and red. the red started when i bought my car tho, so it's my car's fault. =P
plus, we just old. KAKAKA