Thursday, August 30, 2012

bills, bills, bills

sung by destiny's child

don't u hate it when ur lookin for money in the mail but instead u get a bill?? sigh. that's why i've got that song looping in my head.

at any rate, here's what's on my desk today. still working on this Storm piece but i'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. had some pressing projects that needed doing so she was swept off to the side for a while. i plan on adding lightning in her hands, don't u worry. she's not just making obscene hand gestures.

also finished this up for someone that asked for a commission at Otakon.  yes yes i know, Otakon was weeks ago! luckily he's either forgotten or really really patient cuz he hasn't emailed to yell at me about it yet. i legitimately got overwhelmed after the con! at any rate, i finally got around to doing it today. it's pretty much a black and white commission but i added the purple cuz he asked for it. (it's of his original character who is half black/half asian.) i used copic pens (black) and markers (pale lilac, warm grays, and cool grays) and my new favorite Uni-ball white gel pen (gosh i love this thing). he asked for sexy, i hope i delivered. and off it goes in the mail!

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Jac V. said...

Gasp! I love the Storm!!! I always thought she was the sexiest X-woman! You've captured it well! I can't wait to see the finished piece!