Wednesday, August 29, 2012

don't panic

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March of Dimes charity set - 5Finity Productions

DC New 52 set - Cryptozoic Entertainment

The Walking Dead Comic set - Cryptozoic Entertainment

The Walking Dead Comic set - Cryptozoic Entertainment

i just realized i haven't posted my sketchcards that i've completed lately. not really because i forgot, it's just that we have to wait so long after we complete it to be allowed to post them. i've started with the most recent ones.

the Princess Leia ones are for the March of Dimes charity auction. the guys from 5Finity Productions do it every year and they basically put up the cards on ebay to raise money for March of Dimes. last year i did some DC super ladies and a set of Disney villains. this year i only did 3 and i've decided to try my new disney style on it. i chose princess leia cuz i'm hoping they would attract more folks to buy it and therefore raise more money. once they put it up, i'll post a link for those interested in helping the good cause.

the DC New 52 set and the Walking Dead Comic set are both for Cryptozoic. i was really excited to work on both sets when they asked. i love the Walking Dead show more than the comic, but this was specifically for the comic and we weren't allowed to use anything from the show. and though i'm not a huge fan of the New 52 reboot of the DC universe, i was just excited to be working on actual DC Comics products. =)
for the 4 Walking Dead cards that are by themselves, these were the samples we were supposed to give before we were allowed to work on the rest of the set. with those, i actually tried an ink wash over the whole card with this brown ink. that's why it looks all dirty-like. i liked it though. it gave the cards a grittiness to them.

but here it is, i'm stating it now. i'm pretty much going to stop doing sketchcards. they were fun in the beginning and were a great way to do some official licensed products. but with the monthly Fanboys vs Zombies books and other outside projects, i feel it's time to take a step back from doing them. the amount of time it takes me to draw a single card versus the compensation i get just aren't adding up. i really enjoy working with 5Finity Productions and i'll probably continue to do some sets for them, but i'll be getting extra picky about which ones i want to do. and i'll continue to do the charity sets for them each year. (of course, this is granting that they continue to ask me.) just gotta start some new chapters in life. =)


Jac V. said...

Aww... the cards are so cool! Can you tell them you just want to do like a few at a time... or is that not an option. Are you just skecth-card'ed out and don't even want to think about sketch cards no mo? My fave is the one with Leia and R2D2!

Peng-Peng said...

the companies usually have a set minimum that they need so i usually take their minimum but sometimes its still too much for the time it takes to do one. for me, at least. i know other folks are much faster with them. its just that the space is so durned tiny!
i like that one too but i enjoy dead jabba. XP