Tuesday, August 28, 2012

young forever

sung by Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson

first sketch
second sketch

i had this idea rolling around my head for days for a friend's baby shower greeting card. unfortunately, the sequence of some folks' lives don't follow this pattern but theirs did so they were the perfect candidate. i really wanted to go with my newfound Disney-inspired art style. this set, in particular, was heavily inspired by Brittney Lee. i met her at San Diego CC this year. she was one of the people doing portfolio reviews for Disney animation that weekend but she also had a small press booth selling her work. very sweet lady. i believe she worked on the soon-to-be-released "Wreck It Ralph" Pixar/Disney film. i picked up her artbook called Confetti and it's been such a great reference.
i started with the two sketches above and pretty much redrew them in Photoshop. (even though, in hindsight, i think Illustrator woulda been a better fit for this particular piece. but by the time i realized that, it was already too far gone.) i basically kept the same faces for all three illustrations but i changed their hair and clothes and props. i wanted to keep those basic colors from their wedding for all 3 pieces and it worked out pretty good. its pretty neat that the "red" on his Captain America shirt is the same pink as her lipstick and dress. ah color theory, u amaze me all the time.

final art
anyways, what was originally just a card turned into an 8x10 piece that i framed for them. they seemed to love it, their families seemed to love it, and that's all i can ever ask for. mission accomplished!

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