Friday, August 24, 2012


sung by dev

i've been doing some sketching before getting to work lately, especially when i'm about to do something that isn't exactly "fun." as a full-time artist, my work is inherently pretty fun in general. but as with any artist, when it's time to work on something u have to do instead of want to do, it's not fun. not that i'm complaining! anyways, i use my sketching to try out new looks and whatnot. lately i've had the pleasure of doodling a couple of  my friends and this is the latest of those. amazingly enough, this actually kinda looks like her, which is weird considering how cartoony it is. i've just never been good at making people look like them unless it was a portrait. i leave caricatures to theFranchize. =) these make me wanna do more! i swear i haven't drawn this much in a sketchbook since i was in high school. (which i will never share publicly because goodness gracious those are terrible to look back at.)

another fun thing i need to share - i got my dog's portrait in the mail the other day! i can't even tell u how excited i was about it when it came. i did this a year ago. i used Illustrator to basically draw my dog Chauncy. but i really wanted to go with this Warhol look cuz i love all the colors. i'm not really a fan of those Warhol-inspired stuffs online where all they do is take ur photo and put photoshop filters on top. i wanted it to look more illustrated. so i did it myself! anyways, the one i printed for myself at Kinkos at 16x20, someone bought it from me at a Pet Expo we did in Virginia. i was very flattered that they wanted a personal piece in their home so i gladly sold it to them. but i was kinda bummed cuz it was mine. BUT NOW, i got one printed for myself at a big 24x30, this time on canvas! (heck, i woulda gone bigger if i thought we had wall space for it.) managed to get a Groupon and what was supposed to cost about $200 only cost $70 altogether. winning! i got it from it arrived in just a week and it looked great! i highly recommend.


Jac V. said...

i Luuuuuv the sketch!! OK, I am biased! LOL If I was vain, I'd get that joint tattooed on me! LOL Myabe I'll get Joel to tattoo it on him!

Peng-Peng said...

u should TOTALLY have joel get it tattooed. it would be dope!