Monday, August 13, 2012

that's my b----

[by kanye west & jay-z]

here's what i'm cookin up right now in between inking these Fanboys vs Zombies pages. i'm looking to have this done by Baltimore Con.

this is a new Harley Quinn that i drew right after my artist block. i plan on having it fit inside a mucha-esque border much like the Poison Ivy that i did before. that way, they'll be a set! and since i took a little bit of liberties in the Poison Ivy design, i did the same here. hardcore fans of Harley may not appreciate that her hair is out but i don't really like drawing that jester headgear she normally wears. and this slight alteration to her outfit is inspired by a photo i saw on deviant of a circus lady. anyways, hopefully people won't mind the slight modification to her outfit.

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