Tuesday, September 4, 2012

one step closer

sung by linkin park

finally finished my Storm! just in time for Baltimore Comic Con this weekend too. (which, btw, how did that happen?! i'm still in august.) the lightning took a couple of tries to get it to look the way i wanted it to. i don't think i've ever really made lightning so i was teaching myself as i went along.
this has an absurd number of layers. heck the lightning itself is like 4 or 5 layers - some blurred, some with vivid light blending, some with color or linear dodge blending. similar situation happening with the clouds. i'm still working on how to make them look cooler.
unfortunately i won't have any more artbooks for the convention this weekend. i've sold out of the ones i had. however, i am planning to have a brand new one by NYCC, time permitting. if not a book, maybe a calendar. who knows. i'm still trying to decide. but u know what i will definitely have there? this variant Storm!

i'm saving it for NYCC cuz why not. the white outfit is based on my new Storm statue made by Kotobukiya from their Bishoujo line. i picked it up at San Diego this year and i really dig her white outfit. to me, her black outfit makes her an X-man, but the white one makes her a god! =)


Jac V. said...

Awesome! You know... she used to wear white!! Back in the 90s... then everything got darker when then crappy movies came out and they changed their uniforms to leathery blah. Or maybe it's just black spandex. Who knows... lol

Peng-Peng said...

thanx! well, my earliest memory of Storm is of course the Uncanny X-Men cartoon in the 80s/90s and she wore white then. but i know it was totally different from this. had big shoulder pads and everything. =P

Jac V. said...

YES!! The big shoulder pads... SO totally 80s!!! I think the outfit you drew is actually her original outfit from back in da day!

(and is it me or are these crazy Captcha things getting so harder to read!!! I keep getting them wrong and have to keep re-entering different ones until I get it right! LOL)