Thursday, June 4, 2015

short week

[listening to Paper Wings podcast with Claire Keane]

this is a very short week for me. i'm trying to balance having to catch up on work with trying to get ready for another con this weekend. Awesome Con just finished this past weekend & it's always a fun time with that show. it's our home show so not only do we get to see many of our awesome local fans, we get visited by friends and family members!
here are the commissions that i did for Awesome Con. a couple of them i had to take home and mail out yesterday. i tried something new this con with commissions which is to do away with my pen. i still used it for the eyes to make them stand out. but i'm using my Derwent colored pencils to create the lines instead of the pen and i think i really like the finished look of that more. its a little closer to what my digital stuff looks like.

i just wanna take a moment to shout out the fans that stopped by my table to tell me they love my work. u guys have no idea how much that means to me. i may act very together when u come up to tell me, but inside i'm doing a combination of crying and dancing and a bit of uncertainty because it's still a surprise to hear that people like my art. and not just like it, but love it enough to follow it. so thank u all again for the support & love. u remind me why i do what i do and give me reason to keep getting better.

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