Wednesday, June 3, 2015

dark ink

[listening to "hey mama" by david guetta feat. nicki minaj & a buncha other folks]

Uncharted Territory by Penelope Gaylord
SO EXCITED! look what came in the mail over the weekend! i finally got my lithographs for that DreamWorks piece i did with Acme Archives Direct - Uncharted Territory. and they are glorious! well, to me anyways. but i'm slightly biased.

this means i will have these just in time for Special Edition NY Comic Con! i only have 10 of these so once i sell them, that's it for me. forever. they're 17x21" lithos but you can cut them down to 16x20" to fit easier in a frame, if that's your thing. i'll be selling them for $50 at the shows so find me and grab yours!

if you can't make it out to comic cons but still want one for yourself, you can always order them through Acme Archives Direct's sister site - Dark Ink. just follow the link and get yours today - keep in mind that when you get it from the website, i won't be able to sign it. BUT u get a cool Certificate of Authenticity so that's something! it's still a Limited Edition print so make sure you get yours before there are no more.

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