Sunday, June 14, 2015

meet more

[listening to "nobody's business" by rihanna ft. chris brown]

i posted my #meettheartist image online a week ago but i never posted it on here. so in order to amend that, i'm posting one that has a little more info on it than the one i posted before.

i'm still getting my pics from Awesome Con and Special Edition NYC together so i'll post that later.

for now, i just wanna say I GOT A TABLE AT SDCC! it's a huge deal for me & the hubby that we each got a table this year. last year, we couldn't even think about attending SDCC because of bad health reasons. and now, not only are we going, we're setting up for the first time! last year was hard for us but because of amazing family members, we've been able to stay standing. i don't wanna get too emotional on ya'll. just know that love & faith are the most powerful things on earth. real talk.

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