Wednesday, June 17, 2015

commission requests

[listening to "shots" by imagine dragons]

been able to knock out a few of these commissions since the flurry of comic cons/events have chilled out for now. it's amazing what u can accomplish when u have a string of days at home to do work! this first one is actually an art trade with cool artist dude Jim Calafiore (Leaving Megalopolis; Secret Six). he made this adorable Toothless print for me and in return i drew Platinum from DC Comics' Metal Men. it was kinda tricky to get her to look the way she does. i've been able to paint metal-looking stuff before (like Wonder Woman's breastplate/tiara/bracelets) but never a whole person. totally worth it cuz my Toothless painting is adorable as heck!

this is one of the commission sale pieces i did. this is for this super cool gal that manages one of the best comic shops i've ever been to. but on the side she has a food blog - Girl Carnivore. she wanted to know what i thought when i hear "girl carnivore" but also base it on her. so this is she! i made a little bonus banner thingy in case she wanted to use it for anything. i'm all about my fellow meat-eaters!

this is another commission sale piece. this is for a couple of great writer-type people who not only write cool stories but also produce audio dramas online -! i love seeing husband/wife teams succeed. =) when they asked me to draw them, i was happy to do it! i used to be so afraid of drawing dudes but nowadays i see it as a fun challenge! not to mention they're HUGE superman fans so they're kinda dressed like Lois and Clark.

i love the commission requests i've been getting lately! and even more that people let me do what i do! it's a dream come true for an artist!

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