Wednesday, October 9, 2013

new york, baby!

NEW YORK COMIC CON is this weekend guys!!! it's the last of our big comic cons for the year for ID Studios and we couldn't be more thrilled! if you're planning on going to the biggest comic con on the east coast, please stop by my studio's table and give me a hi-five. we have loads and loads of fun at this show and then we come home and pass out for 2 days. =P the price we pay for bein comic artists i guess. we're at tables P3 and P4. i'll have my 6x8 mini prints, my 11x17 prints, and a handful of copies of my 2013 Art Mignon books for sale.

these ladies are itchin to be part of ur art collection! all 3 of them will be available for purchase at the show. come and get em!

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