Wednesday, April 24, 2013


[listening to "gentleman" by psy]

finished colors on Fionna and Cake piece!
say what u will about the guy, Psy is just plain ol' entertaining. and what more can i ask for from an entertainer than to be entertained, ya know? sometimes u just gotta take it for what it is and don't overthink things. i can't be mad at the guy! he's making sure he's milking his fame for all its worth. i say GET IT IN!

so i've only been home for 3 days since Awesome Con DC and already i'm a day behind getting things ready for C2E2 this weekend! Awesome Con DC was so amazing that we were all completely exhausted when we got back! so much so that i ended up sleeping pretty much half the entire day on Monday and didn't really get to do anything important. had to do some catching up on art stuff yesterday and only today have i really been able to post online and correspond to emails. then i'm out again tomorrow. don't get me wrong, i'm glad we're busy. but i'm pretty tired.

at any rate, enough complaining. just thought i'd share the few pics that we were able to take at the show. we were so busy that i kinda forgot to take pictures at all! luckily the other guys were more on top of it than i was. what can i say about the show that i haven't said already on twitter and facebook. it was quite awesome! saw so many folks, sold out of so many things, and had such tremendous response to my work! i even managed to sneak a look at Ernie Hudson! i really wanted to actually talk to him and tell him that the few lines he did have in Ghostbusters (1 & 2) were some of the most important ones. but whenever i got the opportunity it was towards the end of the day and he was gettin ready to bounce. let me tell u, for a dude that's well in his 60s, he is SWOLE! and by that, i mean he's ripped! cut! buff! whatever u wanna call it. i'm convinced that when he talks about "bustin ghosts," he means bustin em in their face - with his fists! unfortunately i got no pics of him. sigh.
table shot (sorta)
adventure time ladies
studiomate Flash winning a scribble/draw contest
crowd at the Hip-Hop & Comics panel
teen titans kids
Roxas commission
lady captain america quick sketch

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