Friday, April 5, 2013


[listening to "dead in the water" by ellie goulding]

i keep thinking that Spring is supposed to be here and yet it seems to keep being cold. not sure why, but i'm thinking we only have Captain Planet to blame. whatever is wrong with the Earth, he didn't do enough to save it. hence, he's a failure. TSK TSK TSK  though, he can't shoulder all the blame. those blasted Planeteers are just as responsible, if not more.

anyways! so it took me all of the later part of the day to finish this image but i can say it's finally done! this is the full version of what has become my new artbook cover. i would've definitely preferred that she had a white fur coat, but i didn't want my the cover to be mostly white (cuz it gets easily scuffed & dirtied).
after all was said and done, i started to really like just the flat colors. so i'm sharing. not sure if these will be the actual prints, mostly because i didn't just spend all that time coloring it just so i don't use it. BUT i do like it. ah well. decisions decisions.

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