Thursday, April 18, 2013


[listening to "the antidote" by st. vincent]

quick note - my half-price commission sale is now closed. thanks to those that took advantage of the deal!
i've been all over the place this week, mostly mentally and not so much physically. between doing our taxes and getting prints/artbooks/stuffs ready for Awesome Con DC this weekend, i've finally taken the time to post here. i'm feelin quite stretched thin, but i'm really excited about this con.

this weekend, i will be participating in my first-ever panel, along with theFranchize. asked us to be a part of their panel Hip-Hop and Comics. if you know me, you know i don't really talk in public. so you can imagine my hesitation. but at the same time i was flattered to be asked and my hubby will be right there next to me. so why not! i guess growing up in PG County in Maryland, i've just been around hip-hop music and culture so i don't notice it. much like u don't really notice how much taller u get or how much heavier ur dog gets on a day-to-day basis. but i suppose it does influence me & my art when i think about.
ID Studios is also going to be doing a panel this weekend as well. this one i can sit at the tables while theFranchize and Flash man this. i hope people come!
  • ID STUDIOS PANEL – SATURDAY 4/20 @NOON – room 102A - Flash and theFranchize will be talking about how to work as a cohesive studio and the advantages of having a group of talented individuals to work with. A studio that draws together grows together.
  • HIP-HOP & COMICS PANEL – SATURDAY 4/20 @5pm – Peng-Peng and theFranchize will be participating in this panel along with other talented artists to explore what connects the two communities. This panel is done by Depth of Field magazine and has been at other comic cons. For more info on the panel itself, visit
the Wonder Woman above is a brand new piece i just finished in time for the show! it's going to be part of another jigsaw poster collection that the studiomates and i are doing this year, much like our Avengers posters that i did Black Widow for. this time we've done the Justice League in their current New 52 look. now i don't like to brag, so i'll just #humblebrag it. this set is turbo-tastic! at least, in my humble opinion, it's better than the Avengers set.
being that Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero ever, drawing her is always a daunting task. i think i must've drawn her like 5-8 times before i got to this one. i think i would've liked to spend more time on the colors but i didn't really have it to spend. i think in my mind, i'll never do her justice. cuz she's too amazing.

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