Tuesday, January 10, 2012

fiesta (remix)

sung by R. Kelly & Jay-Z (and other dudes i don't really know)

i think i'm gonna give up naming songs that represents how i'm currently feeling. i don't like giving up but its tough to express my mood when, more often than not, it's "overwhelmed" or "anxious." so i think i may go back to what i did the year before and use titles of songs that i'm listening to at the moment i'm posting.

blue lighting?

warmer lighting?

here's some screen caps of the castle interiors i'm working on. the JPGs seem to lose a lot of details i painstakingly put in there so i'm wondering if i should lighten it up a bit. i might change it as i finish the whole thing. right now i'm wrestling with the type of mood i wanna set. the cool blue or warm greens. hmmm....

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