Thursday, November 18, 2010

love the way you lie part 2 rihanna ft eminem
[just downloaded the new Rihanna album so i'm trying it out. i think this mostly-rihanna version of this song ain't bad at all! we'll see how the rest of the album fares.]

wanted to post this new illustration i did of one of my closest friend's baby girl. this was completely done in Illustrator working off of a photo. (cutest picture ever - she was outside in a yellow tutu!) she just turned the big ONE last week and her mom commissioned me to do this for her. so i put it in a nice frame (for mom) and gave her (baby girl) a ladybug pillow pet as her present! cuz we can all use a pillow pet. =)
i always get so intimidated when i do something for close friends. especially when it's of their kid! o_O however, i'm blessed with beautiful friends who have even more beautiful babies so making this illustration look good was pretty much already done for me. the mom says she loved it and the kid apparently likes her pillow pet. WIN all around!! ^__^

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Shonna said...

Awww, thanks! You are seriously the greatest! I am so lucky to have you and Jacy! Such amazing talent and super sweet to boot. BTW, I've been keeping up with this blog and I am just so impressed with all of your recent work. You've always been talented but you are such a professional now. Gorgeous stuff, seriously. Love ya!